Jewelry That Could Be Worn On Halloween by All Relative

All Relative is the brand offering the light and cool jewels made of fine metals and expressing the organic design. The jewels give very different mood, being cute, funny, sad or even a bit frightened. These are the accessories for the young and daring expressing the style, interests and even feelings.

The peculiarity of this jewelry line is that the designer uses repurposed metal details to create something really new and interesting. For example you will not be indifferent with guitar string bangles made of a “used” brass, steel guitar string and embellished with a repurposed silver plated tube bead. And the floating heart ring looks delicate and stunning, simple and modern, being available in shiny silver or oxidized black. All items are unique and handcrafted. All preferences are taking into consideration.

Sterling Silver

Hand forged Sterling Silver & hammered for texture

VIA: All Relative.

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