Jewelry that are Beautiful by Nature

Gold, silver and platinum are precious metals. Most jewelry is made of them. Masterpieces made by leading jewelry houses of course are beautiful. These jewelry can be beautiful forever. But there is another kind of beauty. These jewelry pieces are quite different but share one thing – they are beautiful from the nature.

Tiny Succulent Garden Ring

Exquisite design of these jewelry pieces will not leave indifferent anybody. Unusual shapes can complement your appearance and add a drop of romance to your mood. Such as delightful combination of Hermit Crab shell and plant. Or toffee ammonite necklace made of sterling silver. The beauty and lightness fill wish necklace. Tiny Succulent Garden Ring is another proof that plant jewelry is becoming popular. It’s not all…

toffee ammonite sterling silver necklace
As You Wish Necklace by EarlyBright
The Organics Collection - Limpet Shell Post on Earrings
Hermit Crab Friendly Shell n' Plant
Olive green leaf ceramic handmade ring on adjustable sterling silver base
Teal bubbly ring - Raw Chrysocolla stone and sterling silver

VIA: la isla de lusi

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  1. Gilliauna says:

    Where can I buy these items?? There’s a couple of them I would love to own and I can’t find any links to where I can possibly pick them up.

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