Jewelry Rings for Tweeters

These jewelry rings should be appreciated by geeks from all over the internet. How extraordinary the designer ideas can be? Twitter has become incredibly popular microblogging system. As a result we have a huge number of services related to the tweeter.

Silver Tweet Ring

Now jewelry is among these services, thanks to the Dutch company Service Tweet Rings offers to create your own unique ring with favorite tweet on it. Those of you who still do not have a favorite tweets, can use any phrase length 140 characters. Rings can be made of steel, silver or titanium. And what is your favorite tweet?

Silver Tweet Ring overviewSilver Tweet Ring on Man

Steel Tweet Ring
Steel Tweet Ring overviewSteel Tweet Ring on Woman
Titanium Tweet Ring
Titanium Tweet Ring overview
Titanium Tweet Ring on Man

For more detail and prices please visit Tweet Rings site.

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