Jewelry Pieces Inspired With the Beauty of Stones and Pearl by YSL

Sometimes the designer’s imagination doesn’t have any limits. Yves Saint Laurent, a brand famous all over the world for its breathtaking designs, always surprises the connoisseurs. The peculiarity of jewelry collection by YSL is the unusual usage of semi precious stones and pearls. Each item, either necklace or earrings and ring, is made of silver- or gold-tone metal and the gem or the combination of stones.

Medium cuff in aventurine and agate with gold-tone metal

A wide range of stones used in these masterpieces are known not only for its beauty but also for their special qualities. Agate, amethyst, tiger-eye or jasper can express the character of its owner and the definite mood. Finished in perfect proportions and with the certain idea the jewels look very stylish and contemporary. Of course such pieces of jewels single out a modern woman who follows her senses and captivates others with her assurance and elegance.

Ring in tiger eye, carnelian and old-gold tone metal
Large earrings in brown jasper with old gold-tone metal
Ring in brown jasper and old gold-tone metal
Necklace in blue and grey agate with silver-tone metal
Bracelet in old-gold tone metal with multicolored semi-precious stones
Ring in amethyst jasper and old silver-tone metal
Necklace in light grey mother of pearl
Necklace in silver-tone metal with mother of pearl, shell and old silver-tone metal coins
Bracelet in gold-tone metal with mother of pearl and gold-tone metal coins

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