Heptagonal Jewelry Handcrafted with Altruistic Precision by Brikk

Brikk is Los Angeles based brand well-known for precision luxury goods. Their iPhone cases made of precious materials are popular among dandies. And now Brikk presented Heptagon jewelry collection. Rings made of gold, platinum and decorated with diamonds are really impressive. The Heptogon pendant with gold skeleton watch movement is fascinating worlds first horological jewelry. Artisans from Brikk are inspired with the number seven:

“The Heptagonal is a seven sided shape. It’s a shrine to the number Seven. Seven has great cultural, scientific and religious significance. Its allure includes the seven colors of the rainbow, seven seas, seven continents, seven scales of music and seven days of the week. The greatest religions in the world all acknowledge the mystical significance of Seven. It is more than a number. Its unique and special qualities can be listed ad infinitum, its importance reflected across world cultures and history.”

VIA: Brikk.

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