Harley-Davidson Rings by MOD Jewelry

Perhaps, no other accessory can express the character of a person and his preferences and style of life as the jewelry. Silver gems are the favourite items for the bikers especially. These are jewelry items for really free people. Feel the biker spirit with the collection of Harley-Davidson rings. Sterling silver was used while creating the rings.

Turquoise Inlay B&S, Beveled Chain with Black Ruthenium B&S, Radiator Grid

Mysterious. Powerful. Intensity. The Harley-Davidson jewel collection swells with raw strength and confidence. These pieces of jewels are for those who are the masters of their own life and for those who know what they want. The combination of white and black colors which presents throughout all the collection looks rather stylish. The rings are very fashionable and cool breathing with the sense of independence and adventure.

B&S Charm Criss Cross Band, Triple Band B&S, Mens Rock'n Roll Rider Band - Harley-Davidson Rings
B&S Outline with White CZs, Domed Harley Flame Skull, B&S Bling
Black Ruthenium B&S filled with Silver Lace, Silver Lace Filigree with B&S, Black Bling Ladies Skull - Harley-Davidson Rings
Bolt, B&S Stone Band Stacking, B&S Pattern Stacking
Couple's Ladies Band, Couple's Men's Band, B & S Flame - Harley-Davidson Rings
Cracked Skull, Gypsy Filigree, Gypsy
Fixed Multi-Chain, Hammered Silver Band, Native American Inspired - Harley-Davidson Rings
Ladies Script Band, Men's Signature Saddle, Heavy Wing Chain
Mens Copper B&S Cameo Signet, Ladies Copper B&S Cameo, Multi Outline B&S Band - Harley-Davidson Rings
Multi B&S Band, Signet with Black Ruthenium Beveled B&S, Black Ruthenium and Silver Striped - Harley-Davidson Rings
Signature Deco with Red Enamel, Signature Deco, Double Wing
Skull Spinning, Decorative band with B&S, Ladies Vine Thorn with Marcasite - Harley-Davidson Rings
Skull Stacking, Harley-Davidson #1 Oxidized, Spinning Bike chain
Skull with Black enamel, Cigar Band B&S sterling silver, Big B&S Flat Logo - Harley-Davidson Rings
Studded B&S, Double Eagle, B&S Weave Band
wrench with Harley-Davidson stamped, Shield logo, Willie G Skull - Harley-Davidson Rings

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  1. Terri says:

    I am desparate to find the vine and thorm marcasite HD ring shown, #HDR0192

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