Handcrafted Jewelry Displays from Luxembourg by Delphine Penen

Jewelry displays are becoming more and more popular. Your favorite and the most beautiful jewelry deserve to be store with care. These storages will help you to organize adornments and will protect it from scratches.

Delphine Penen offers amazing jewelry storages. These displays will allow you to have a much better visibility of all your jewels. No more earrings will be forgotten in a jewelry box. Accomplished in antique style it will also be a very ornamental picture in your room. Price of these jewelry displays including shipping all over the world will be about €200.

VIA: Aurea95.

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6 Comments to “Handcrafted Jewelry Displays from Luxembourg by Delphine Penen”
  1. Caitlin Saucier says:

    Can you e-mail me about the price in dollars and shipping information please

  2. Gabrielle says:

    I have been looking for something like this!! Please e-mail me all the info about prices, ext.

  3. Carolyn nadey says:

    I need one of these jewels organizers I live in San Jose, Calif. can you send me costs and shipping costs. I am also interested in having a necklace made vith me granddaughter,s picture on it. Can you give me the cost of that as well.

  4. Ruthy says:

    I love these they would be the perfect Xmas gift for my roomate…n for me 🙂 …can u please send more info on how to order n prices …I would like the first black one in black n an other in a pretty green. Please send me info ASAP

  5. admin says:

    Please try to contact the seller via his etsy shop.

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