Gorgeous Masterpieces from Daniel Espinosa Jewelry

To recognize the real value of a jewel, there are three important measures: the originality of a design, the metal which is made of and its gems. Furthermore, falling in love of a jewel is a matter of how close it matches a personality. This is the real art behind this Mexican Designer: the ability to print a distinctive seal in each creation. The variety of his pieces enhances each woman’s individuality in such a way that it is impossible not to be noticed.

There are some new proposals that the brand has prepared in commemoration of its XV Anniversary. Once again, Daniel Espinosa shows irreverence and vanguard, as two of the main characteristics of his career as a Designer.

His creative work results from the extravagant mix of his Mexican tradition and his European education. Due to that, the Designer combines several lines of inspiration that will certainly captivate the Italian taste. Soft lines in contrast with geometric pieces; Romantic elements find its opposite in gothic figures, while mythic spirits coexist with natural elements. All of these, translated into exclusive pieces of jewelry of unconventional forms and remarkable handcraft.

Why did you decide to be a jeweler? I was born and raised in a town called Taxco, the Latin-American´s most relevant place regarding Silver. I grew up surrounded by artisans and handcrafters which contributed to reveal my passion towards Jewelry. Furthermore, my real interest was to reveal a new face on Mexican Handcrafts by adding value to the ancient techniques with new Design proposals for modern and trendy looks. What inspires you? The main source of inspiration results from my trips around the world. Most of my collections are named after a city or a monument. Some of them are: Sahara, Mallorca, Malaga, Toledo or Lisbon. I am also driven by world’s fashion trends.

What materials do you use? The common thread in my collections has been .925 Silver. However, I enjoy experimenting with different mixtures such as gold plating or several semiprecious stones. I have also included new materials like leather, crystal and cork. You can also find a lot of pearls and zirconies.

What exhibitions or projects have you participated in?

– I always look for new platforms to get known around the world and there are some Trunk shows that I don’t miss. Some of them are: Spain’s Iberjoya, Italy’s VicenzaOro, as part of the designer’s salon Glam Room, Denmark’s Copenhagen Jewelry Fair, and Switzerland’s BaselWorld.

– Some of my projects include: accessories for the cast of today’s most successful U.S. television series Gossip Girl; partnering with the renowned Bijan of Beverly Hills to create a line of leather belts; designed jewelry for the movie “Plan B,” starring Jennifer López; designed trophies for the LPGA and other top-tier sporting events; Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid 2012 in collaboration with Spanish Designer, Maria Barros and the most recent: the recreation of Titanic’s neckclace with Twentieth Century Fox for the movie’s relaunch in 3D.

VIA: Daniel Espinosa.

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