Gorgeous Glowing Necklaces by Lena Skadegard

These magnificent necklaces will be ideal choice for creative and cheerful women. Jewelry masterpieces are full of bizarre shapes and fantastic colors. Nowadays it’s not so simple to find quality jewelry created using organic materials. These necklaces will allow you to play with moods and combine them with different outfits equally well with casual and festive style. Women of all ages and skin tones will shine like stars with amazing colors of gorgeous necklaces by Lena Skadegard.

Turquoise cabochon pendant with 18K gold bezel and chain

The collection is made of gold, precious and semi precious stones with outstanding superb faceting. Adorable necklaces by Lena Skadegard are definitely something no girl should live without.

Chrysoprase necklace
Faceted chrysoprase pendant with 18K gold bezel and 18 chain
Five faceted turquoise nuggets on adjustable silk cord
Indigo kyanite pebbles 22K gold plated vintage silver jasmine petals
Labradorite and 22k gold
Moonstone beaded necklace with three 22k gold beads
Natural tawny baroque pearl strand
Peruvian opal necklace with 9 stations on silk cord
Turquoise necklace with briolettes on adjustable silk cord

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