Gorgeous Diamond Bathtub for Baby by Lori Gardner

To splash in the bathtub with bubbles is a joy for any child. And if it’s bath by Lori Gardner it will be an unforgettable experience of a lifetime.

The Baby Bathtub by Lori Gardner

Let me remind you not so long ago The Diamond Bathtub was represented to the world community. It is the result of three years of laborious work by designer Lori Gardner. Amazing bathtub was encrusted with forty-six thousand, nine hundred and twenty-eight Swarovski crystals. Children’s version of the world famous Bath is now available. You can use this bath off-label. For example to wash your pet or well, I think you’ll find how to use it wisely. Available in all Swarovski colors.

The Baby Bathtub with Swarovski crystals by Lori Gardner
The Diamond Baby Bathtub by Lori Gardner
The Diamond Baby Bathtub
The Diamond Bathtub by Lori Gardner

For more detail and prices please visit Lori Gardner site.

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