Five Interesting Swinging Necklaces Found on the Etsy

Now is the time when many people are looking for gifts. Handmade pendant or necklace is one of easy solutions. But this gift can be embellished with a special symbol such as swings. It symbolizes great satisfaction and freedom and sometimes loving relationships.

These necklaces can be a perfect gift for those girls who likes to swing. These Swinging necklaces are made of different materials and various styles. Among them there are even those that fit the youngest fans of jewelry. For example Sock Monkey Pendant is custom made to order Chillaxing baby monkey swinging upside down from his legs and tail.

Two Love Birds Swinging on a Branch with December Birthstones, Blue Turquoise

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  1. Duanna says:

    This is f**ing awesome I love this shit so much cool

  2. common sense says:

    What’s the point of putting up pictures of things we might like if you aren’t going to bother linking to them? You could at least give proper credit to their creators.

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