Fabulous Wedding Bands with Fingerprint

In the heat of the summer is the midst of the wedding season. Glad to see that the diversity of ideas among wedding rings knows no boundaries. Using the fingerprint is very popular technique among jewelers. Now you can decorate your wedding rings for unique fingerprints of your partner. Rings handcrafted out of silver, gold, palladium or platinum.

Fabulous Wedding Bands with Fingerprint

Process of making these rings begins with special kit for fingerprinting that is sent to the customer. Form for the ring is created using fingerprints that you sand back. Pattern can be located inside or outside of the rings according to the customer request.

6mm Sterling Silver, Gold Custom Fingerprint Wedding ir Commitment Band
traditional half round fingerprint wedding band with orange peel finish
Contour Fingerprint Wedding Band 2.5mm
Wedding Commitment Band with Single Fingertip Whorl Print on the Inside
Fingerprint Wedding or Commitment Band with Interior and Exterior Fingertip Prints
Fingerprint Wedding or Commitment Band with Side Rims
Custom 3mm Half Round Fingerprint Wedding Band

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3 Comments to “Fabulous Wedding Bands with Fingerprint”
  1. Phyllis Presley says:

    Can you fingerprint a Tungston Ring.

    • Kristen says:

      I inquired with Brent and Jess (on etsy) who seem to be the only people who do this. They do sterling silver, gold (white and yellow) platinum and palladium, but not tungsten. If you find someone who does tungsten I would like to know too!! 🙂

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