Extraordinary Ring Crafted from 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar Coin

The contemporary jewelry art strikes by the width of the designer’s fantasy. Nowadays they try to break any limits in their creativity and catch inspiration in the very unexpected things. How do you like the proposal ring made of coin? The project Counter Proposal is something really unusual and interesting. This symbol of love and the duality of life is crafted from 1964 Kennedy half dollar coin because it is about 90% silver and easier to shape.

1964 Kennedy half dollar coin

The coin was chosen because it perfectly expresses the impossibility of existence one lover without another. The process of creating includes several steps such as hammering to make the coin wider, gradual drilling, adding a dark patina to the ring using liver of sulfur and at last removing it. The result is a fanciful ring which perfectly fit with the date and the word “LIBERTY” which are visible on the inside of the ring. Have a look.

half dollar coin after 3 hours of hammering
hammered half dollar coin
drilled half dollar coin
Boring out the center
hammered half dollar coin without center
ring made ​​of Kennedy half dollar coin

VIA:Counter Proposal.

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