Exciting and Innovative Necklaces by William Ehrlich

Our hobbies and interests often influence our work and they also make constructive people create their masterpieces. William Ehrlich being keen in architecture and painting created wonderful and impressive collection of jewelry which became the attempt to delete the boundaries between the arts. The real collector of contemporary art and various decorative arts movements Mr. Ehrlich tried to combine them into his adornments.

Tulip Pendant

The main material of the collection is the German silver, in some items it is plated with black rhodium, giving the jewelry a dark noble finish. The designer skillfully sets his masterpieces with precious or semi-precious stones which perfectly complete the image. The technology of creating is very interesting beginning with the drawing by hand and following by the cutting with the help of the special computer program. No two pieces are exactly alike and custom variations are possible.

Victoria Necklace With Zig Zag Links
Victoria Necklace by William Ehrlich Jewelry
Pomegranate Pendant on Double Leather Lead Necklace with Jeweled Clasp
Pomegranate Pendant On Green Tourmaline Necklace
Pomegranate Tulip Necklace
Zig Zag Calm Link Necklace
Mariko Necklace With Calcydone Pendant
Square Rose Pendant With Grey Diamond Bead Necklace
Victoria Necklace
Mariko Necklace
Pomegranet Pendant

VIA: William Ehrlich.

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