Erma – When Jewelry Meets Art by Ela Aharon

Each Erma jewel is a unique piece of art. It is important for me to share the process of creation, from the initial concept sketches, through the drawings, inspirations and the creation of the jewel itself.

The Kiss Necklace

As Valentine’s Day is at our Door step, I wish to introduce “The Kiss” Necklace which is inspired by Gustav Klimt, 1908. For me, this Jewel expresses connections between lovers, material aspects that combine into a spiritual whole. The twisting lines of the delicate jewel represent the yearning for love. This Jewel symbolizes eternal love.

The Dance Of Life is inspired by “The Dance” by Henri Matisse,1909. This Ring and Necklace expresses the angular and lyrical flow of the dancing figures in the painting, and echoes the sounds of music of the dance.

Painting of the Dance Of Life
Dance Of Life ring
Dance Of Life Necklace

The “Sunflowers” Necklace was inspired by the painting “Sunflowers” by Van Gogh, 1888. This Jewel expresses the sunflower petals floating in the wind. The daring colors introduce the reflection of the sun. This Jewel represents the sun as the source of life and love.

Sunflowers Necklace

During one of my many trips at the lovely Israeli rivers, I’ve picked up a pebble and I had a unique moment. I felt the whole nature around me when holding that pebble in my hand. In that minute the images of these creations was flowing in my mind. And the “Pebble Collection” was created.

The Pebbles painting
The Pebble Necklace
The Pebbles Necklaces
The Pebble Necklace by Ela Aharon

The Orchid flower has always attracts my attention. On the one hand the Orchid is a delicate flower, aesthetic and beautiful, and on the other hand it is wild and mysterious. It is these contraries that attract me.

The Orchid painting
The Orchid Earrings

I am an architect a graduate of Bezalel Academy Of Art & Design Jerusalem, Israel. I have worked as an architect for seven years during my work I have reached a senior level of urban planner. The desire to create jewelry was always burning within me.

Thanks to my architecture experience they are a combination of computer software & handmade design. These capabilities allow me to tell you any ideas and inspiration from my life.

The inspirations to my jewelry are famous Artists, Nature and Architecture.

VIA: Erma.

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