Equilibrium – Dual SIM Luxury Mobile Phone from GoldVish Geneva

Jewelry can be not only the wearable adornments but also the Accessories which are necessary in everyday life. How about a luxury cell phone? GoldVish is a Swiss based company known as a leader in the market of excellent handmade personal communication gadgets among which are mobile phones, watches and other accessories.

GoldVish Equilibrium

GoldVish Equilibrium is a new project of this brand which is presented as the first luxury mobile phone with Dual SIM technology. This miracle of technology and design can be described as creative, sophisticated and convenient just in the stream of GoldVish traditions of timeless elegance and exceptional quality. Be in connection with your nearest and dearest due to the luxury Equilibrium.

Dual SIM Luxury Mobile Phone from GoldVish Geneva
Equilibrium from GoldVish Geneva
GoldVish Equilibrium in Blue
GoldVish Equilibrium in Brown
GoldVish Equilibrium in Pink
GoldVish Equilibrium back

For more detail and prices please visit GoldVish Geneva site.

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