Eclectic Mix of Materials and Vibrant Colors in Individual Jewelry Collections by Laura Tabor

Laura Tabor is the UK based designer offering the romantic and sophisticated accessories in the eponymous jewelry house. Her jewels express and symbolize sweet love and romanticism. So the prevalent forms in her collection are hearts, bows and so on. These are the adornments for beautiful young ladies exactly who fell in love or live in the world of dreams.

Laura Tabor brand uses only the finest materials and the mix of new and traditional techniques to create the pieces delighting the hearts. All the items are handcrafted in the UK from sterling silver and 18 K gold plate. The designer catches inspiration from the world around her and her jewels possess timeless elegance, vibrant and fresh colors and simplicity of forms giving the hypnotizing charm to the young coquettes.

VIA: Laura Tabor.

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