Early Greek, Roman and Egyptian jewellery from Charmian Harris

It may sound as a play of the words but the jewels created by the talented designer Charmian Harris look really charming. The designer first specialized in ceramic production, and then found her inspiration in metalwork. Using the simple and mostly self-taught techniques she works with the texture and forms of her jewelry giving a special attention to the details.

18ct Gold, Chrysoprase, White Sapphire and Diamond

The main peculiarity of the adornments by Charmian Harris is the bright and luscious variety of the stones decorating them. Charmian works different carats and colors of gold, silver and semiprecious stones presenting to us the works of art which hypnotize by their intricate beauty. Collecting the most effective gemstones from all over the world, the designer combines them and makes her creations simply eye catching!

22ct Gold and Silver with Uvarorvite Garnet
22ct Gold and Silver with Hemimorphite
18ct White and Yellow Gold with Mexican Fire Opal
23ct and 18ct Gold with Opal
23ct Gold, Silver, Gabbro, Diamond and Spinel
22 and 18 carat Gold with Boulder Opal
18 carat Gold with Boulder Opal
Silver and Citrine
18ct Gold, Silver and Ancient Bronze Artefact

VIA: Charmian Harris.

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