Dozens of Anchor Jewelry Pieces Handcrafted Using Precious Materials

The anchor is a symbol resistance, stability, safety and well-grounded hope. Large stones, baskets of stones and sand bags were used as the anchors of in ancient times. With the appearance of iron anchors, they were made of different shapes, trying to give them the appearance of paws, claws and cross. The current shape of the anchor has appeared in 1813.

Jewelry pieces decorated with anchors are quite popular in recent years. Most of them are unisex therefore they will be good gifts for both men and women. The symbolism of the anchor is also identified with firmness, solidity, tranquility and faithfulness. Submitted anchors are made of precious materials and will be a wonderful adornment not only for pirates and sailors.

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    Where can I buy the pieces shown in picture 2 and 3? Please let me know ASAP. Thank you.

  2. Rob says:

    Thank you! What about number 4?

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