Delicious Jewelry Collection by Shay Aaron

Not only artists find a source of inspiration in fruits. Jewelers are also often used edible and fresh stuff. Tasty pieces by Shay Aaron stand out from the rest of the mini-sculptures and jewelry inspired by the theme of food. Jewelry made of polymer clay looks very realistic and quite interesting.

Watermelon Wedge - Post Earrings

Unlike other jewelry pieces works of Shay Aaron does not cause discomfort when wearing. Also pay attention to the prices they will pleasantly surprise you. Everyone can find wearable version of their favorite dish in adorable collection by Shay Aaron. Fresh view at familiar items is always looking happy.

Ruby Grapefruit Earrings
Raw Steak - Studs Post Earrings

Avocado - Studs Post Earrings
Banana Ice Cream Necklace
Beetroot Necklace
Falafel Necklace
Golden Oreo Cookie Earrings
Happy Hour Necklace
Hot Fudge Brownie Sundae - Pendant
Into Veggies Necklace
Kiwi and Blackberry Tart Necklace
Mojito Earrings
Praline and Pistachio Macaron Earrings
Rainbow Cake - Bobby Pin
Sushi Stuff Necklace
Sweet Corn Earrings
Waffle With Fruits Necklace
Waffles for Breakfast - Studs Post Earrings

For more detail and prices please visit Shay Aaronshop.

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