Dangerous handcrafted earrings in tribal style

TribalStyle store offers very aggressive jewelry. Tribal culture itself is derived from dance of various tribes. Today tribal is a new trend of dance, young and fun. Movement in dance, were collected from different nations, different cultures – India, Spain, Middle East, Africa and the North. All these cultures Tribal combined into one – tribal culture. This trend develops brightness and independence.But before the performance people was dressed special costumes and jewelry.

Fake Gauges - Small Bone Hooks

These earrings look very warlike. The materials used are all natural and eco-friendly. The earrings are made from wood, coconut, and salvaged bone and horn. Ethnic style jewelry became very popular recently. Given the fact that the price is quite reasonable, I think it is worth trying.

Fake Gauges - Nava Wings Horn Earrings
Wood Earrings - Sahara Spiral Tails Red Fake Gauges
Amara Curls - Bone Fake Gauges
Asalah Twists - Large Horn Earrings
Fake Gauges - Aliya Flower Hoops - White Bone Earrings
Fake Gauges - Floral Vine Horn Earrings
FAKE GAUGES - Graceful Curls - Organic Bone Earrings
Fake gauges - Horn Inaya Spirals
Fake Gauges - Horn Star Spirals
Fake Gauges - Large Black Talons - Wood Earrings
Fake Gauges - Nava Wings Tan Wood
Fake Gauges - Small Horn Asalah Twists
Fake Gauges -Livity Flower Bone Earrings
Fake Guages - Small Black Hooks Wood Earrings
Keely Curls - Brown Wooden Hoop Post Earrings
Nava Wings - Organic Bone Earrings
Organic Earrings - Salvaged Horn Small Spirals Fake Gauges
Sahara Spiral Tails - Black Wood Fake Gauges
Small Spirals - Tan Wooden Earrings
Tree Top Curls - Black Wood Fake Gauges
Tree Top Curls - Black Wood Fake Gauges
White Rosemary Curls Bone Fake Gauges
Wooden Earrings - Majestic Hoops

For more detail and prices please visit TribalStyle shop.

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5 Comments to “Dangerous handcrafted earrings in tribal style”
  1. Lynn says:

    I must have those earings, I live close to Cleveland, is there an actual shop I can go to buy them. Thanks. Lynn

    • admin says:

      here’s the answer to your question from the owner of the shop:
      “unfortunately i do noy have a shop in cleveland.
      etsy is the only place to buy them from my shop 🙂
      tribal style”

  2. Studio Cocoa Moon Art Jewelry Design says:

    Wow… I love the designs. Being a jewelry designer myself, it is always so amazing to see the beautiful things my fellow creatives produce! Awesome!

  3. noir says:

    i wanna buy i wanna buy! please tell me how

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