Curves of Form in Jewelry Collection by Moran Peleg

“CURVES”-is a collection of jewelry which integrates classic jewelry making, and industrial materials such as plastic, rubber and industrial felt. The necklaces, inspired by the Dukes and Duchess Collars, were transformed to our time by tasteful reduction of size, and unusual material usage.

Blue flowers linked to a gold plated necklace

The collection translates the old-fashioned ornamented outfits and accessories of the fancy duchess, into the modern urban women whose jewelry are characterized by curvy and organic shapes that accent her neck, and combine materials such as plastic and fabric with metal.

An industrial felt collar necklace
A gold chain necklace with a Felt flower
Total length 18 inches
Beautiful collar necklace made of semi-clear white polymer, and has an organic flow
Large gold flower, made of synthetic leather
This necklace is a special combination between metal and polymer

For more detail and prices please visit Moran Peleg site.

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