Contemporary Pearl Jewelry by Mikimoto

Bright and lustrous, pearl jewelry by Mikimoto company is one of the most famous gem made of this sea spice all over the world. The designers focus their attention to every phase of creating this elegant jewelry from the mysterious birth in the shell. All the pearls are carefully sorted and match perfectly.

Frost White South Sea Earrings

The collection combines modern unusual style with timeless sophistication. Either earrings or necklaces are the interesting and intricate concept. Mikimoto contemporary jewelry combines quality, design and craftsmanship. The designer’s imagination makes it versatile and pointing out purity and innocence. No doubt that this collection will become an ideal decoration being the perfect balance of eternal elegance and modern daring features.

Frost White South Sea Pendant
Frost Akoya Earrings
Frost Akoya Pendant
Frost Ring
Moderna 8 Black South Sea Earrings
Moderna 8 Black South Sea Pendant
Moderna 8 Earrings
Moderna 8 Pendant
Ocean Earrings
Ocean Long Earrings
Ocean Pendant
Ocean Ring - Akoya and Blue Sapphires
Ocean Ripple Pendant
Pearls in Motion - Multicolor
Pearls in Motion Special Edition Set
Pearls in Motion with Diamond Rondelles
Strand Lariat - White Gold Clasp
Strand Lariat - Yellow Gold Clasp
Tempo Hoops White Gold
Tempo Hoops Yellow Gold
Tempo Lunar Yellow Gold Earrings
Tempo Pendant Yellow Gold
Tin Cup Necklace 50 - Yellow Gold

For more detail and prices please visit Mikimoto site.

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