Coffee with Jeweler: Marta from Manolo Jewellery

Why did you decide to be a jeweler? Making jewelery for me is about representing and understanding a concept. I have always been attracted by it and a few years ago I decided to start making my designs using my own ideas and hand-drawings. I have always made adornments for myself but professionally it has just been quite recent.

What inspires you, what materials do you use? I think about the garment as a small private gallery. I find in people are my biggest inspiration and the firsts collections I created are inspired by ladies and gentleman.

The formal representation of my design is based on 18-19 century cameos that represent human figures. I also took inspiration from Toulouse-Lautrec’s drawings of women. When looking at his drawings I see a different characters and histories.

When you wear my designs you wear a person (perhaps muse) as a adornment with a short live story that characterizes it. Somehow people feels identified with the story of the character they wear / pick.

All designs are based on my hand-drawn creations made on paper which are then digitalised and reproduced on walnut wood.


What exhibitions or projects have you participated in? My pieces are being sold in retail shops, galleries and various online sites. I’m selling in different countries and I often sell in cultural events and markets. I love it when I sell my work direct to the public so I can talk and see my happy

VIA: Manolo.

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