Christmas Jewelry Gifts Based on Your Child’s Drawings from AM Jewellery

Still think what to give for Christmas? If you have kids and a gift you choose is for a close relative then you’ll really like this idea. Avril Manderson takes children’s drawings and transfers them into pendants, cufflinks and even bracelets made of silver. So you get not just a one of a kind jewelry but jewelry which contains a design invented by your baby.

AM Jewellery offers you a great idea for a gift at Christmas and other holidays and celebrations. Each jewelry piece handcrafted from start to final polish and if you need something a bit different you can just ask. All jewellery is presented in a unique gift box with a miniature version of the drawing in the lid.

VIA: AM Jewellery.

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  1. Sarah Travers says:

    Oh that jewellery is sooooo cute! I have never seen anything like that before. I know what I want for my birthday 🙂

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