Chic Jewelry from Simon G and Global Green

Global Green USA, a national leader in advocating for smart solutions to climate change, in collaboration with Simon G Jewelry has created a new line of contemporary and stylish jewels. Beads, which are obligatory detail of each item in this collection, are the fashion spice nowadays. It gives cool impression of the youth culture. The charismatic spirit of the designer encouraged him to produce incredible design using simple and sustainable materials.

Mens SS Silver Cuff and Ladies SS Silver Bangle

Chic and fanciful, these refined pieces of jewelry will add a zest and an unobtrusive elegance to the appearance of any young lady or man. And no doubt, that high quality will become one more advantage for this affordable and eco friendly collection.

Global Green Contribution piece and Ladies Bangle 3 Station
Ladies SS Silver Bangle and Mens SS Silver Bangle 3 stations
Mens SS Silver Cuff 2 station
Unisex Necklaces

For more detail and prices please visit Simon G site.

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