Cell Cycle – Jewelry Obtained From Collaboration of Mathematics and Biological Architecture

Progress in science and technology offers new opportunities in different industries. Scientific progress penetrates even such conservative areas like Jewellery. Jessica Rosenkrantz and Jesse Louis-Rosenberg developed an interesting way to create a mathematical jewelry. Jessica Rosenkrantz graduated from MIT in 2005 and holds degrees in Architecture and Biology. Jesse Louis-Rosenberg also attended MIT, majoring in Mathematics. They founded Nervous System in 2007. At site of the company everyone can pass a simple algorithm, which eventually will give a pattern for jewelry most suitable for you.

Cell Cycle is a collection of 3D printed nylon, stainless steel and sterling silver jewelry. Jewelry can be one of two colors white or black. Jessica and Jesse have developed software for creating 3D model using their unique algorithms. Resulting jewelry is created using a process called Selective Laser Sintering. For iPad owners they are developing a special application.

For more detail and prices please visit Nervous System site.

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