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Melted Collection – Bridal Ideas from Wexfrod Jewelers

Have a look at the wonderful adornments made by Northern Michigan based company Wexford Jewelers. Its Melted collection is a kind of an unexpected and unusual jewelry. The designers strictly follow their conception of the passion about the design. Each item in the collection is carefully handcrafted from silver and is unique in its shape and design. The technology of sandblasting and polishing is used while creating these masterpieces.

Incredibly beautiful the jewels really seem to melt on your hands being very comfortable and durable. You can choose any gemstones that will decorate your Melted ring, and different sizes are available. Enjoy the refined elegance of an organically formed ring. Read More »

Extraordinary Rings from the Artists Studio by Green Karat

It’s always nice to see interesting ideas of bridal jewelry. Many unusual solutions offered by Green Karat. This company is known for activity for the reduction of precious metals mining and calling on people to take to recycling all needless jewelry, pottery and other items made of precious metals.

Binary Wedding Band by Green Karat

Bridal ring with personal binary encoded message deserves special attention among a collection of wedding rings from this company. On the outside of the ring goes through five parallel tracks, each of which consists of 20 false or true symbols. Thus we have 20 columns, each of which consists of 5 bits. 5 bits can encode up to 32 characters. So if your alphabet is less than 32 symbols, you can make your loved one a message of up to 20 letters. There are many other interesting rings. Read More »

Tender Wedding Rings from Satomi Kawakita

Love and such great event as the wedding ceremony inspire people and give them power to create. We want to tell to you about Satomi Kawakita, a New York City based designer and goldsmith which is also a talented diamond setter. This master has her own style and great sense of beauty and charm which she strictly follows.

Diamond Band

The collection of the wedding rings by Satomi Kawakita features organic tenderness with flawless craftsmanship. Striking adornments with the unusual usage of the precious stones catch the breath. Satomi finds unlimited beauty in natural gems, minerals and metals creating her masterpieces with the help of the special approach. The materials used are platinum and several sorts of gold. Different sizes are available. Read More »

Modern Wedding Rings by Coco and Chia

Coco and Chia is the company producing the handmade jewelry made of sterling precious metals, eco-friendly natural gemstones, recycled and non-conflict diamonds. Modern metal jewels are very stylish and suitable for dynamic life style. The brand presents a wide range of rings including the wedding ones.

Diamond Ring Set Matte and Oxidized

Anne, the metalsmith from Coco and Chia Company says that she tries to create the adornments as technically perfect as possible yet clearly handmade. The little sophisticated gemstones used by the designers are natural and untreated and possess a high quality. The rings are very simple and at the same time beautiful. It gives the feeling of the exceptional purity. Read More »

Fabulous Wedding Bands with Fingerprint

In the heat of the summer is the midst of the wedding season. Glad to see that the diversity of ideas among wedding rings knows no boundaries. Using the fingerprint is very popular technique among jewelers. Now you can decorate your wedding rings for unique fingerprints of your partner. Rings handcrafted out of silver, gold, palladium or platinum.

Fabulous Wedding Bands with Fingerprint

Process of making these rings begins with special kit for fingerprinting that is sent to the customer. Form for the ring is created using fingerprints that you sand back. Pattern can be located inside or outside of the rings according to the customer request. Read More »

Tungsten Wedding Bands for Ladies

Speaking about wedding accessories we want to draw your attention by very uncommon collection from Tungsten World. The peculiarity of the rings is exactly the material. Tungsten ring looks very elegant and even mysterious. We already wrote about Tungsten wedding bands for men. Now let’s look at womens tungsten wedding bands.

BELLA 4mm 3 Diamond Womens Tungsten Wedding Ring Stone Inlay

Every bride dreams about the wonderful wedding ceremony which will be in the memory forever. And of course everything should be perfect, especially rings which are the most important attribute of the great day. Having such tungsten ring you can be sure that it will be certainly impressive. Moreover, all models are available in different sizes just suitable for the wonderful ladies and in various styles for different preferences. Needless to say you will find that very ring you are dreaming about! Read More »

Contemporary Titanium Wedding Bands Collection from Edward Mirell

Love is all we need, it is everywhere. When two sweethearts decide to get married they have to make an important choice what rings will seal their marriage union. Wedding rings symbolize the love between two people, so they should be not just as usual jewels.

Contemporary Titanium Wedding Bands Collection from Edward Mirell

Edward Mirell, known as the global leader of contemporary metals jewelry, crafts his collection of rings from the unusual for goldsmith jewelry metal titanium and diamonds. He uses to kinds, either black or grey titanium making his rings very elegant and expressive. The latest patented technology is used to create unique designs, colors and styles. The line of rings looks very interesting with the diamond dividing the titanium circle. Extraordinary and at the same time sophisticated design is the result of the collaboration of skills and efforts of the master. Read More »

Petite Bridal Rings from Beautiful Beginnings collection by A.Jaffe

Such important decision as the decision to get married should be celebrated with all the splendor. Needless to say, that the wedding ring is the most important accessory of this gorgeous day. They should be ideal and underlining the strength of love between the newly married couple.

Beautiful Beginnings Bridal Ring by A.Jaffe

New York based company A. Jaffe presents one of the world’s finest luxury bridal jewelry. The brand carefully keeps its traditions in style and manufacturing. Moreover, the designers say that they inspire the new fresh ideas in the jewel creation. A. Jaffe uses the refined combination of precious stones in the collection. Exquisite and tender these wedding rings give the feeling of lightness and affective dearness. Love is all we need. Read More »

Stunning Wedding Rings by Van Cleef & Arpels

Love makes the world go round. It is everywhere, and each person loves in his own way. Wedding is a very important step in the life of people. And of course the wedding rings play the essential role. Beautiful and tender hoop can become a symbol of the strong feelings connecting you with your sweetheart.

Platinum and Platinum with three diamonds Wedding Rings by Van Cleef & Arpels

All jewelry collections from Van Cleef & Arpels House are traditionally inspired by the great love. The history of the brand began with the happy wedding of its founders, and nowadays millions of people use its rings to express their feelings. The collection is made from the platinum which look very noble and refined and diamonds which create the sense of purity and innocence. The masters try to achieve their main aim – the perfection – in every detail. The peculiarity of the collection is cute combination of stones and interesting asymmetrical lines of the gems. The hoop from Van Cleef & Arpels is a fabulous token of a big love. Read More »

Lovely Wedding Bands from Hawaii Titanium

Wedding rings made with titanium are popular more than a year. The choice of wedding rings is a very personal matter. It’s very nice if symbol of eternal love contains a piece of your spirit. If you like the culture of the Hawaiian Islands then you will appreciate this collection of wedding bands.

Lovely Wedding Bands from Hawaii Titanium

Wedding rings from Hawaii Titanium are custom created exotic masterpieces made of titanium, wood, carbon fiber, sterling silver and crushed natural minerals. The highlight of this collection is a magnificent combination of titanium and pictures made from fragments of minerals with wood. Say Aloha to extraordinary, beautiful, handcrafted rings made of titanium. Read More »