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Conscious Alternative to Precious Metal Jewelry: Wedding & Commitment Rings from Etienne Perret

Etienne Perret received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Rhode Island School of Design and then graduated from The Gemological Institute of America. He founded his jewelry company in 1973. The main feature of jewelry from Etienne Perret is high-quality ceramic masterpieces with precious stones and diamonds.

Items from Wedding and Commitment Rings collection by Etienne Perret are made of Zirconia ceramic, which is said to be hard as sapphire and practically scratch and shatterproof. Some of the rings adorned with various precious stones. Etienne Perret Jewelry can be seen in the most famous stores around the world. Read More »

Modern Minimalism Wedding Jewelry made of Silver, Gold and Palladium by Jesse Danger

Wedding rings made of gold, silver and palladium even can be found at Jesse Danger Etsy shop. These rings perfect for traditional wedding ceremony. Despite the strict appearance they are all made by hand. Artisan who created these rings had already become famous for his skill. Steampunk Mechanical Dragonfly from Jesse Danger was featured in Art Jewelry Magazine.

Palladium & Rose Gold

Jesse Danger draw inspiration from architecture and industrial design – modern lines and curves, simplicity, functionality, and a touch of imagination. Jesse Danger background began in architectural engineering afterwards artisan slowly drifted toward the world of art and metalsmithing. I’m sure you will enjoy these rings. All rings can be decorated with engraving at the request of the customer. Read More »

Exclusive One Of a Kind Bridal Jewelry from Sundance Catalog

Every wedding is great performance for all people involved in this celebration. But it’s especially important event for the future couple. And it doesn’t matter how expensive the wedding ring will be. Sincerity of feelings is the most important at this moment. Artisan bridal jewelry from Sundance Catalog for the most part is not a cheap selection.

Clever pieces of work of skilled artisans are visible at a glance. Wedding rings that sprinkle with various sized diamonds will fascinate anyone. Among these rings you cannot find a single standard, unlike most wedding jewelry. Unique and gleaming probably the most suitable word to describe these works of art. Read More »

Dazzling Wedding Rings from Harry Winston

Now it is time to present the new collection of wedding accessories from well known to you Harry Winston. The artisan again gives the feeling of becoming the queen when wearing his jewels. This is especially important in such a great day as the wedding. His diamond rings are as splendid as usual and even more, sparkling and making everybody adored.

Wedding bands include items made of platinum and wonderful stones of different shapes and sizes. Harry Winston is the brand that always appreciates the timeless elegance and sophistication of the rarest diamonds. Its jewels are really the evidence that diamonds are the best friends of the girls. Read More »

Wedding Rings Handcrafted Using Titanium and Wood from Etsy

Titanium wedding rings finally found their niche in bridal jewelry. Now it’s time for artisans for new experiments. Let’s turn our attention to the titanium rings made with wood. All these wedding rings were found on Etsy. They all are hand-made of titanium with different types of wood.

Titanium wedding bands is unusual and at the same times a very popular choice for both women and men. Titanium stronger than platinum, gold and silver. This will be the perfect choice for couples who prefer the open sky and recreation, because titanium rings do not need care and almost indestructible. Read More »

Legendary Claddagh Rings – Hand Made Irish Jewelry from Etsy

Each culture has its own special Wedding jewelry. I want to draw your attention to a traditional Irish ring The Claddagh ring. This ring is not simply a wedding jewelry. It also can be presented as a sign of friendship and loyalty.

If somebody is wearing a ring on his right hand and heart turned away from its owner (ie the fingertips), this suggests that the owner of Claddagh ring is in search of love. If the ring is on the right hand and its heart turned to the owner, it means that the owner is in romantic relationships. Claddagh ring on the left hand with the heart turned to its owner is considered as engagement ring. Let’s look at these rings crafted by hands of artisans from Etsy. Read More »

Splendid Wedding Jewelry for Men and Women from David Yurman

Bridal jewels are always in fashion being the symbols of love. David Yurman offers to your attention his collection of elegant rings both for brides and bridegrooms. His art is the art of giving the pleasure. These sophisticated symbols of tender and devotion are made of 18K gold and platinum. The designer uses only the excellent and rare diamond creating the masterpieces, cute for women and enduring strength for men.

In David Yurman Bridal collection everyone can find something which seems to be created specially for him because there are various items from delicate cabled rings to elegant eternity bands. The designer successfully continues the classic tradition and his rings can be called a new union of elegance and style. Have a look. Read More »

8 Handcrafted Mokume Gane Wedding Rings found on Etsy

Mokume Gane is an ancient Asian metalworking technique. This phrase translates from Japanese as “wood eye metal”. Items created by this technique have a unique texture clearly different from most jewelry pieces. If you are looking for extraordinary wedding ring then you should pay attention to Mokume Gane jewelry.

Anthony Angelcom Fine Jewelry

Mokume gane technique has appeared in medieval Japan. In those days it was used for the decoration of weapons, especially Katana swords. This technology has become very popular in jewelry at present times. Wedding rings made with various combinations of precious metals such as yellow and white gold, platinum, silver and decorated with sparkling gems will turn anyone’s head. Read More »

Artisan Made Sterling Silver and Gemstone Jewelry from The Sly Fox

In the Sly Fox store on Etsy you can find mysterious wedding jewelry. Rings and bands filled with classic style. But each of them has a special attraction. Craftsman masterfully creates his work in silver and gold. If you want to add something special then just contact him.

2.5mm Slim Flat 14k Solid Yellow Gold Stacking Ring

The Sly Fox also offers simple jewelry with clean lines made of sterling silver, fine silver and gemstones. I think that artisan is too modest. All rings, earrings, necklaces and pendants are filled with unique charm. Pay attention to the oxidized jewelry. The oxidation is not permanent, but will wear out uniquely with each owner like a pair of jeans. Read More »

Fresh Ethnical New Zealand Wedding Rings by Ashley Hilton

Are you looking for wedding rings? If classic wedding rings too conservative for you then you should pay attention to custom wedding rings from Ashley Hilton. New Zealand based designer offers an exciting range of ethnical jewelry made of gold, platinum, silver copper and titanium. His work decorated with amazing ornaments and can be inlaying with precious stones at the client’s request.

14K Gold and Diamonds

Ash Hilton tries to reflect both the human and natural environment in his work by using symbols and materials that have meaning to him and represent where he comes from. All rings elegantly packaged in boxes made of New Zealand hardwood. Read More »