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Jewelry chains from every corner of the world.

Jewelry by Janis Kerman – Balance, not symmetry

It’s the balance, not the symmetry. Such motto expresses the philosophy of Janis Kerman jewelry house. Her accessories are the new mix of the geometric shapes and organic forms. The jewels are crafted from sterling silver, 18K yellow gold and the variety of precious and semiprecious stones among which are pearls, amethysts, aquamarines and many others. They strike with the fresh ideas, sophisticated lines and bright colors.

Janis Kerman, the gifted designer, who found her direction in experimenting with various metals and techniques, catch inspiration in everything she meets both artistic and common, as well as in color and texture. Her adornments seem to breathe with a special kind of energy. The magic of the colors playing in the stones is simply fantastic. Have a look. Read More »

Luxury Jewelry with Unique Style from Ann Demeulemeester

Ann Demeulemeester is a Belgian based designer who has her own sense of beauty and style and is characterized as the original modern rough-luxury designer. She likes the experiments with cut and shapes so her masterpieces are something new and unexpected. The jewelry from Ann Demeulemeester looks very light and even airy. The adornments are finished with elegance impressing by their beauty and bright ideas.

Two silver rings with a central bead filled locket from Ann Demeulemeester

The designer uses a wide range of different material among which are silver, crystals, leather, stones, feathers etc. By the way it may be a little surprise for you that her eternal source of inspiration is cooler-than-thou Patti Smith. Read More »

Valentine’s Day Gifts of pearls by Mikimoto

Pearls will be a luxurious token of love for your Valentine. Many monarchs kept lots of different pearls from every corner of the world as a mark of respect from their subjects and other kingdoms. Nowadays, you don’t need being a King to buy adorable pearls jewelry and surprise your beloved with the gift of a pearl. Before choosing, have a look at this timeless gift of pearl jewelry.

Valentine's Day Gifts of pearls by Mikimoto

Valentine's Day Gifts of pearls by Mikimoto

With adorable design and perfect quality at their essence, Mikimoto high quality cultured pearl jewelry was always desired. Thanks to high quality masters cultured pearls Mikimoto turn to delightful jewelry. Calmed by soft sounds of the sea, shined with Sun and Moon light, the pearls bringing pleasure and natural beauty. Read More »

Flirt with fashion this Valentine’s Day with adorable pendants by Alex Woo.

From magnificent pendants in the form of locks, keys, dragonflies and bows it is possible to compose the whole fairy tale which you can tell to your Valentine chapter by chapter.

Little Princess Lock by Alex Woo

Little Princess Lock by Alex Woo

One of the features of gifting a beauty key pendant this Valentine’s Day is that it’s a fairy piece of jewelry that isn’t overtly Valentine’s. Anyway give her the key to your heart to demonstrate your devotion. Look at the Little Princess Dragonfly glides across waters and spreads its wings while achieving transcendental distances; and therefore symbolizes how one should live in the moment, without regrets. Little Princess Bow pendant has the perfect touch of feminine curves and luxury. Read More »

Gifts Ideas for Valentine’s Day from Tiffany & Co.

Even the holidays with the longest history tends to eventually acquire a new look. Valentine’s Day is not an exception. Presently Valentine’s Day has become much more democratic. Women on equal terms with men make a declaration of love. Not only enamored congratulate each other, but parents, children, friends, colleagues also do it. Now all involved in this holiday, so – time to choose gifts.

Jewelry is an exclusive gift which present to the main characters of this holiday, i.e. the beloved people.

Valentines Day from Tiffany

Valentines Day from Tiffany

Tiffany & Co. offer so huge choice of Jewelry by the Valentine’s day what to choose a gift for darling this significant day completely not simply. However, all depends on your tastes and preferences therefore as without false modesty it is possible to notice that any Jewelry of this mark is already a declaration of love. Read More »