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Luxury Engagement Rings with Diamonds from Nail Lane

Neal Lane is not just an American jeweler but also famous jewelry brand well-known for luxury masterpieces. Fabulously expensive products predominate in the range of this brand. But there are also rings with more democratic prices. Marriage is a serious event so do not try to tighten the purse strings.

Engagement rings from Nail Lane are popular among movie stars, famous athletes, and successful businessmen. These gleaming rings made of platinum, gold and diamonds of various cuts. Among clients of Nail Lane there are such stars as Eva Longoria, Kate Walsh, Carmen Electra, Rachel Griffiths, Kristin Davis, AnnaLynne McCord, Ashley Simpson and others. Read More »

Engagement Rings With Diamonds That Can Satisfy the Most Demanding Taste from Chad Allison

The intricate and unexpected design is the feature of Chad Allison, brand famous for its eclectic art mixing the traditional approach with the new tendencies and elements. The collection of the engagement rings amazes the imagination by its gorgeous beauty. Crafted from platinum or 18K gold with sparkling diamonds these rings will be perfect for such great and important event as the engagement.

Impeccable craftsmanship and the highest quality made Chad Allison the company of timeless elegant and unique style. In these accessories traditions are combined with the desire of the goldsmiths to express themselves. The strong sense of the antique inspired designs is felt in each model. The engagement ring by Chad Allison will become not only the symbol of love but also a reflection of romance for years. Read More »

Fascinating Engagement Rings by Harry Winston

It all starts with the diamonds. This is the motto of Harry Winston brand. Inspired by the cleanness and sparkling charm of these beautiful gems the collection of the engagement rings appeared. It gives the feeling of the pure excitement which is just what is needed on the wedding ceremony. Looking at the rings one can say these are really rarest jewels.

HW Diamond Engagement Ring with Micropave

A Harry Winston designer puts the finishing touches on a masterpiece. Emeralds and diamonds are cut in different interesting shapes impressing and hypnotizing by the play of light. The designers try to combine perfect dimensions and proportions to create the unique beauty. By the way many Hollywood stars stand on the red carpet in the jewelry from this brand. Be sure the diamond-driven aesthetics will make such important day unforgivable. Read More »

Naturally Unique Engagement Rings with Rough Diamond

Nowadays there are more and more brides who love the bold things. Perfect engagement ring of course must be one of a kind. There are a limited number of techniques to cut gems. But if the gem is faceted with nature, it is truly unique stone. If you agree with this statement then perhaps you will be interested in a Bridal Boutique collection from Diamond in the Rough.

Unity Engagement Ring made Of Platinum and Black Rough Diamond

Rough diamonds is one of the most exciting modern trends in jewelry. Engagement rings from Bridal Boutique collections are made of 18K gold or platinum paved with small diamonds and delightful rough diamond. Read More »

Engagement rings by De Beers – symbol of eternal love and faithfulness

Almost all of brides would like to receive from their beloved engagement ring with diamond. Diamond symbolizes the uniqueness and constancy of love between a man and a woman. “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” said gorgeous Marilyn Monroe. According to the tradition, the first ring that the man gives his beloved is engagement ring.


Founded in 1888, De Beers Company is the world leader of the diamond industry in geological exploration, production and marketing of rough diamonds. De Beers offers to newlyweds adorable and elegant engagement rings. Ring made from platinum, gold and the highest-quality diamonds will be the ideal symbol of eternal love. Read More »

Till Death Do Us Part ring by Kate Bauman

All girls are princesses. And when you do offer to princess you should try to make it even more striking than Prince Charming can do. Attempt to surprise with size of gemstone is expensive and too easy. Kate Bauman offers the extraordinary solution.

Til Death Do Us Part ring by Kate Bauman

‘Til Death Do Us Part ring consists of four engagement rings combined with brass knuckles. This jewelry piece is speaking for itself. Exquisite ring is made of sterling silver (or brass) and set with four 1-carat cubic zirconia. Please note that all four rings are the same size. And be careful with your choice, this jewelry can be used as real cold arms. Read More »

Engagement Rings made of White Gold with Blue Sapphire and Diamond

What ring can make your offer more memorable? Recent months all conversations about engagement rings definitely include the royal wedding topic. Last fall 28-year-old Prince William used the 18-carat sapphire and diamond ring to make an offer to Kate Middleton. Following this fact is not difficult to guess what kind of engagement rings is now in vogue.

Princess 18K White Gold 1.00ct Diamond and 2.30ct Sapphire Ring

Tradition to use the sapphire ring as engagement ring was started by the European Royalty. Kings believed that this stone can save you from envy. White gold and blue sapphire – isn’t it a perfect combination for engagement ring? By the way sapphire means blue in Latin, but can be found in a rainbow of colors. Read More »