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The Story of a Jeweler: Verena Schreppel

I began to get involved in jewelry design when I was studying product design, during the development of the cutlery Doppelripp. I started to play with textile structures to be used as the handles for my cutlery. Since our world today seems flat and smooth, computer generated, I wanted to set something to oppose this concept and to introduce a haptic quality.

Zopf ring made of 18kt gold

Textures bear a sensitive quality, they change when wearing and I believe that is a very natural concept. In nature nothing stays the same. Many of my clients value this concept when they buy my jewelry for their anniversary or wedding. Each time it’s a compliment to me, because love is the highest concept and I am always excited that a piece of my jewelry will be a link of their love. Read More »

Dozens of Anchor Jewelry Pieces Handcrafted Using Precious Materials

The anchor is a symbol resistance, stability, safety and well-grounded hope. Large stones, baskets of stones and sand bags were used as the anchors of in ancient times. With the appearance of iron anchors, they were made of different shapes, trying to give them the appearance of paws, claws and cross. The current shape of the anchor has appeared in 1813.

Jewelry pieces decorated with anchors are quite popular in recent years. Most of them are unisex therefore they will be good gifts for both men and women. The symbolism of the anchor is also identified with firmness, solidity, tranquility and faithfulness. Submitted anchors are made of precious materials and will be a wonderful adornment not only for pirates and sailors. Read More »

Fabulous Hand Illustrated Jewelry from La Cravate Du Chien

If you are bored with the cold metals of expensive jewelry then you should pay attention to the jewelry from La Cravate Du Chien. All of these cheerful earrings, rings and brooches are made by the hands of Daphne. She began to design jewelry few years ago and now she just can’t stop. These jewelry pieces may seem too childish but this it’s not true. They are filled with joy and painted by hand.

All jewelry from La Cravate Du Chien are like a fabulous illustrations taken from books about fairies, where exotic animals and birds are able to speak and trees and plants painted with bright and unnatural colors. Delfina designer from Greece makes them of plexiglass and hand illustrated them. She has a great imagination and interesting creations. Read More »

12 Handcrafted Jewelry Pieces Inspired by Dragons

According to Chinese astrology – New Year 2012 is the year of Black Water Dragon. The dragon is the fifth in the cycle of Chinese zodiac. Each of us knows that the dragon is very powerful but no less endowed with wisdom. Culture and traditions of ancient China always have their own fans. Therefore I would like to draw your attention to the jewelry performed in the Dragon theme.


Each of these jewelry pieces are made by hand and decorated with elements of Dragons. Craftsmen used various materials from gold and silver to bronze and wood. There is also a jewelry box made of Chinese bronzes and charming jewelry rack forged. All these things were found on the Etsy. Read More »

Limited Edition Experimental Danish jewelry from Mette Saabye

Mette Saabye is one of the most prominent experimental artists in the Danish jewelry. She studied jewelry design in Florence at Fuji Studio and at the Institute of Precious Metals. Mette Saabye has a gallery in a cozy and charming Latin Quarter of Copenhagen since 2005.

Glass, cardboard, silk cord, mirror, silver and various precious and synthetic stones

Mette Saabye worked with the jewelry that uniquely combines both precious metals and inexpensive bits and pieces. For example it may be a kaleidoscope on a silk cord made of cardboard, silver and various precious and synthetic stones. Or rings made of gold and decorated with buttons that are familiar to us from childhood. Believe me that such jewelry you will not find anywhere else. Read More »

Glaring Jewelry from Kiss Me Zombie

Nowadays the designers try to break any limits and boundaries on the way of their imagination and fantasy. Many of them create that kind of jewels that admires by the concept and ideas serving the ground.Kiss Me Zombie provides you with the opportunity to express yourself due to its “wild” accessories. You can choose different daring styles: 80’s, retro, vintage, sweet and fun. This is the real mix, an eclectic chaos.

The adornments from Kiss Me Zombie are made with great care and tender. Each item is available only in a few copies. You can be sure that the jewels by Kiss Me Zombie won’t leave your friends indifferent. Really fun and cool! Read More »

Cooperation of Imperial Russia and Paris – Jewelry Masterpieces by The House of Marchak

The House of Marchak is known worldwide for its fine jewelry and luxury goods. Unique jewelry performed in Art Deco style, combined with Russian traditions and made out of precious metals and dazzling gems. Modern jewelers of this brand try not to miss the unique style.

Not every jewelry house can boast such a long history as The House of Marchak. The company was founded in 1868 in Kiev. The story of this brand can become a real bestseller. For today Marshak Jewelry House has official representation in the U.S., Japan, Australia, France and Russia. Read More »

Unique Wearable Art from Yellow House Designs

Julie Picarello is an artist from Yellow House Designs and she offers tribal, pendulum and other fancy jewelry. Polymer clay is the main material of these collections. But some of the jewelry made with gold, silver, precious stones and vintage parts. Beads, necklaces, brooches, earrings and bangles from Yellow House Designs will be bright and unusual decoration for any stylish woman.

Most of the pendants and earrings are created using an ancient technology Mokume Gane. The idea of this method is to create a solid composition of two or more dissimilar materials. These works of art will charm anyone, and most importantly, you will never see the same on someone else. Read More »

Jewelry Gardens full of Sparkling Diamonds and Colorful Gemstones by Laurie Kaiser

Jewelry crafted by the handy designer and goldsmith Laurie Kaiser will bring you to the hypnotizing world of the precious gardens full of delicious flowers. Her jewels are sophisticated in their beauty and splendor. The necklaces, earrings, pendants and rings sparkle with so many different colors playing in the shining diamonds and other precious stones.

Laurie Kaiser finding the inspiration in the nature brings a kind of life to her striking masterpieces. Each detail seems to be alive and blooming. The adornments by Laurie Kaiser look very tender and give warn pleasant feeling. The metal used is gold. The collection is available in the USA, Puerto Rico, Japan and Mexico. Read More »

Unusual Bridal Jewelry Ideas by Wendy Leah Dawson

Wendy Leah Dawson, a talented artist and jeweler from the UK, is very interested in different mechanisms and constructions. He tries to add some elements in his adornments. The main materials of the collections are silver, platinum and aluminium, sometimes incorporating parts of the original mechanism (for example glass). These jewels are intended to please the body as well as the wearer.

Some models from Wendy Leah Dawson look really rather unusual and interesting such as fanciful silver iris brooch or engagement ring clustered with uncut diamond forms. The designer creates in collaboration with Ian Thompson in the Innovation Centre at Coleg Llandrillo. Plunge in the world of mechanisms. For example how do you like the accessory based on a camera lens aperture mechanism? In such collections everyone will find something interesting! Read More »