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Furrytale by Delfina Delettrez exclusively for Fendi

Delfina Delettrez in collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld created Spring Summer 2014 jewelry collection for Fendi. Karl Lagerfeld is a quite famous person in the world fashion industry. He is the head designer and creative director of the fashion house Chanel as well as the Italian house Fendi and his own label fashion house. Delfina Delettrez is a daughter of the legendary Silvia Venturini Fendi and the French jewerly designer Bernard Delettrez.

Eye-shaped metal and Swarovski mono earring covered with sky blue fox fur

Jewelry pieces from Furrytale Collection are made of palladium or eye-shaped metal, and adorned with Swarovski, fox fur and feathers. Most elements made of fur are detachable, so don’t hesitate to watch amazing Furrytale Collection from Fendi. Read More »

Música by Carrera Y Carrera: The Collaboration of Subtlety and Luxury

We have already drawn your attention on some brilliant collections crafted by the famous Spanish jewelry brand Carrera y Carrera. Now it is high time to present its Musica collection. The title speaks for itself because all the items in this line is devoted to and inspired by music.

Danza Brooch in Yellow Gold with Diamonds

The music motives are passionate and sensual so close to the traditional Spanish culture. In this collection the designers from Carrera y Carrera stayed faithful to their philosophy of creating the models so special and unique which would distinguish this jewelry house from the others. The designers used only the finest materials among which are the white and yellow gold, diamonds, pearls, quartz, nacres etc. One more masterpieces by the guru! Read More »

Adorn Jewellery by David Trubridge

Three different ideas which have the symbolic meaning and three perfect designs. This is the Adorn Collection produced and hand finished in New Zealand and presented by David Trubridge, the designer who caught his world wide popularity by the plywood signature lights.

koura earrings david trubridge

Now he amazes us by these elegant jewels suitable for the ladies at any party. The first model is in the shape of prized plant, sacred in Maori culture. The other one symbolizes a woven basket. Or maybe you will prefer the wings of Icarus? Each model is available as the earrings, pendant or brooches. Choose any you like. Read More »

Status by Helle Bjerrum

As the title indicates, I have explored status as a theme. The word status relates both to material values and to one’s standing in terms of reputation and position. How status is achieved varies with time and prevailing trends as well as social and geographic context. In my design and choice of materials I have aimed for close links with the theme. Hence it is possible to find aspects of meaning in many details of the jewelry pieces.

Helle Bjerrum graduated from the Institute for precious metals in 1995. Prior to this she is trained a textile designer from the Design School in Kolding. She had her debut as a designer in 1995, on the 1. Biennale of Arts and Crafts in the Danish Design museum. In 1999 she was noticed as one of DK most prominent contemporary artists, in the Charlottenborg Spring and Autumn exhibitions. Read More »

Smith Jewellery by Anna Raimondo

Born and raised in Cape town, South Africa, Anna Raimondo studied Jewellery Design & Manufacturing at Stellenbosch University. After completing her Honours degree she was offered a scholorship to do a Masters in Design at the Richemont’s school, Creative Academy, in Milan. This lead to the opportunity to intern at the International fashion brand Chloe’s leather department. Anna then spent the next years travelling and working in the UK and Australia.

In 2010 Anna went back to Cape Town to launch her jewellery brand, SMITH Jewellery. Her aim was to create unique, beautiful and bold jewellery for woman. Everything is designed and then hand made by herself, thus ensuring that no two pieces look the same – and offering the customer a once of piece of jewellery. Read More »

Coffee with Jeweler: Marta from Manolo Jewellery

Why did you decide to be a jeweler? Making jewelery for me is about representing and understanding a concept. I have always been attracted by it and a few years ago I decided to start making my designs using my own ideas and hand-drawings. I have always made adornments for myself but professionally it has just been quite recent.

What inspires you, what materials do you use? I think about the garment as a small private gallery. I find in people are my biggest inspiration and the firsts collections I created are inspired by ladies and gentleman. Read More »

Silicea Jewelry: Handmade Sterling Silver Masterpieces

I was always crafty with hands, so I went to an arts and design college to find out what I really enjoy doing. As soon as I stepped into the Metals and Jewelry department, I knew I was going to become a jewelry designer. There was so much energy between each jeweler and his/her metal, it instantly drew me into it. Once I started learning the jewelry techniques, and different artists, I realized that what I most like about jewelry design is that it has such a subtle, yet powerful presence. I learned that even one simple piece can change a person’s attitude and aura, and that it is such a personal way of expressing oneself.

I enjoy working with silver. Something about it’s fragility yet sturdiness drew me into it. I also like the fact that the more you wear it, the less it oxidizes. It’s as if each individual pieces are asking for the wearer’s attention. Read More »

The Story of a Jeweler: Alice Halliday

I come from a very creative background and have always loved making things. I wanted to be a fashion designer from a very young age, but also found an interest in making accessories as they are quicker to make than clothes, and also more salable.

I started making jewellery from wire, beads, sequins and lycra in 2002 and selling my pieces in local shops and at markets. Read More »

The Story of a Jeweler: Anna Nemesi

Anna Nemesi is a 25-year-old goldsmith/jewellery designer who lives in Budapest, Hungary. Her love for metals dates from early childhood when she spent hours in his goldsmith father’s workshop. Her family wanted her to choose another career for fear that she could not earn a living as an artist, but when she was not admitted to public university to learn psychology due to the very strict admission limits , she decided to try her hand at jewellery-making, completed two-year goldsmith training and two courses and set out to design and craft her own jewels.

She is in love with metal.She works mostly with silver, but has on occasion used gold, white gold, and stainless steel. All her pieces are hand-made. She designs and creates her own collections but also works on comission. Besides jewelry, she also likes to experiment, making various objects made of metal, such as wall-clocks, trophys, etc. Read More »

The Story of a Jeweler: Wang Jing

My name is Wang Jing. I am a designer from China. Last year I just finished my bachelor degree (Industrial Design) in Jiangnan University, Jiangsu, China. Now I am working as a freelancer in Jingdezhen-A ceramic town in Jiangxi Province, China. The town has lots of resource and history of ceramic. Many artists, craftsman and foreigners reside there.

In my leisure time, I work as a translator or an assistant for foreign artists in Jingdezhen, to help them communicate with local Chinese craftsman, or with some technical problems from their art work. Read More »