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Unique Wearable Art from Yellow House Designs

Julie Picarello is an artist from Yellow House Designs and she offers tribal, pendulum and other fancy jewelry. Polymer clay is the main material of these collections. But some of the jewelry made with gold, silver, precious stones and vintage parts. Beads, necklaces, brooches, earrings and bangles from Yellow House Designs will be bright and unusual decoration for any stylish woman.

Most of the pendants and earrings are created using an ancient technology Mokume Gane. The idea of this method is to create a solid composition of two or more dissimilar materials. These works of art will charm anyone, and most importantly, you will never see the same on someone else. Read More »

Fresh Summer Jewelry by Gabriella Rivalta

Jewelry from Gabriella Rivalta cause delight in children and evoke nostalgia in adults. The massive and catchy rings created with bright jewels and enamel are full of sophisticated shapes and mild tones. Delightful bracelets can liven up a fairy tale to your child. Each piece made by hand, so all jewelry are unique. They may be similar, but you will not be able to find exact copy.

Rose Ring made of Enamel, Gold and Diamonds by Gabriella Rivalta

Jewelers from Gabriella Rivalta use 18K gold, precious stones and pearls to create these jewelry pieces. Also they use very ancient technique of gold enameling. There are rumors that this technique was invented by Phoenicians. Read More »

Harley-Davidson Ride Beads Collection

Jewelry gradually ceases to be exclusive attribute of a luxury. Nowadays jewelry pieces are an integral part of any adventurer. Famous characters of Captain Jack Sparrow and biker Harley-Davidson became real popular idols. MOD Jewelry, Inc. offers provocative collections of jewelry under the Harley-Davidson brand. Jewelry masterpieces made of sterling silver in traditional Harley style.

Full Text B&S Ride Bead

One of the novelties is Harley-Davidson Ride Beads Collection. Pieces of this collection can remind you about the Charm Bracelets that were popular in the 70s and 80s. Nothing can symbolize the spirit of freedom and strength more than a Harley Davidson and each of these beads is filled with his spirit. Read More »