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Jewelry stands, jewelry boxes, jewelry storages and other interesting devices to store your jewelry.

Stash Book – great idea to store your jewelry

There are lots of different jewelry storages ideas. One of the interesting solutions is stash book. It doesn’t take much space, does not attract attention and looks very stylish and elegant.

Stash Book jewelry storages idea

The most interesting feature of this idea is that you can do it yourself from any book without using a lot of effort. To do this you just need book, blade or sharp knife and some glue. Stash made with book from your library will not attract too much attention. If you don’t want to do it yourself you can find a wide range of stash books at online stores with handmade things. Read More »

Top 7 jewelry armoire – Hayneedle customers’ choice

How to store your jewelry and watches with comfort and safety? There is a great idea to use jewelry armoire. Some of them look like a mirror, some look like boxes. In any form they are quite elegant and luxurious. For example tri-fold Photo Frame & Mirror Wall Mount Jewelry Armoire looks like adorable photo frame where you can post pictures of various sizes. When open the door with photos you’ll find a full-length mirror and an elegant set of various devices for holding your jewelry.

Mirrored Cinema Jewelry Armoire

Mirrored Cinema Jewelry Armoire can help you to add some glamour to the boudoir. It is distinguished by fashionable mirrors and breathtaking glass finish. Each of these skillfully made jewelry armoires has its own style and features. Read More »

Top 10 Jewelry Storages found on Urban Outfitters

What is the best way to store your jewelry? Of course it is strongbox! But then it will be inconvenient to decide which of jewelry pieces to wear today. It’s much easier when you see all of them. So if you do not worry about the safety of your jewelry then probably you would like these jewelry storages.

Spinning Ribbon Jewelry Stand

Spinning Ribbon Jewelry Stand

Spinning Ribbon Jewelry Stand

Made from iron this graceful spiral for jewelry available in three colors (there is also pink and white). There is dotted holes for earrings on ribbon. Read More »

Amber Jewelry Boxes – From Russia with Love

Amber is a result of unique artwork of the Earth. Graceful, heavy jewelry boxes filled with the spirit of the Empire. This caskets made of amber and silver are themselves the pieces of jewelry art. Amber has been used in jewelry since the Stone Age, from 13,000 years ago.

The Apple of Eden

The Apple of Eden

In Amber Palace Company all the entire production process from the artistic design to sales of finished products is concentrated in one place. Current knowledge about the physical and therapeutic properties of Amber helped Amber Palace to create new technology of processing. This technologies were used it to create these unique collections made of amber and silver. Read More »

Unique Wooden Jewelry Boxes by Jim Jenkins

Where do you store your jewelry? Have you ever think that jewelry box itself can be a masterpiece of art? Have a look at unique wooden jewelry boxes by Jim Jenkins.

Jewelry Boxes by Jim Jenkins

Jewelry Boxes by Jim Jenkins

Each box carefully handcrafted and has interesting design. Jim Jenkins called this collection “Functional Sculpture”. At the moment of writing this article collection consists of six boxes. Each jewelry box has its own name and unique design. Jewelry owners will find boxes of any sizes they want. Fantastic sculptures from jewelry boxes made of White Oak will perfectly look with any interior. Read More »