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Jewelry Safes from Gem Series by Brown Safes

All of us love our jewelry. But among the news about it every third is devoted to the theft of the jewels. To provide their safety you should have a reliable safe. In this case the one from Brown Safes is just what you need.

The safes made by this world-known company are the elegant and refined solution of the problem. Versatile and innovative they will perfectly suit your luxury gems. The product line of Brown Safes includes different models. The designers use exotic metals and wood to create the exquisite storage. Brown Safes became the symbol of the high standard of reliability. This will be luxury repository for swish jewelry. Read More »

Quality Jewelry Trees and a Story from Heart Not Included

When my boyfriend and I moved in together all of my jewelry went into hiding in bins and other such jewelry boxes. After a while I started to forget what I had. While at a friends house I saw this silver tree with her rings and earrings and I fell in love with the idea of a real tree to display my jewelry. This idea rolled around in my thoughts for the next 2 years when it suddenly came to me that I could make trees out of Manzanita branches! I searched high and low for the perfect branch to display my own jewelry and finally came across the red tree that you see in my 30″ Red Tree ad. This is my actual tree and 5 years later it still looks just as amazing as it did when I first made it.

Two years went by and I had received a ton of compliments for my tree and kept hearing that there was nothing like it in the market. I started making a tree here and there for my friends for gifts and then selling them to my friends for their friends. This is when I decided to open my little store on It took a couple of months for the word to get out about my listings and it a slow build of likes and potential sales, but October 2011 rolled around and we were starting to receive orders! We sold 50 trees between October and December, with the most (30 trees) sold in December for christmas. Read More »

Cork Jewelry Displays

Jewelry storages made of wine corks becoming more and more popular. You can do it yourself easily. All you need for it is to gather a couple of dozen corks from wine bottles, suitable frame and some accessories like lace ribbon, hooks, etc. It’s better to use a strong glue to bond it all together. All the rest depends on your imagination. You can find many examples on the web.

Cork jewelry displays look very elegant and naturally. You can purchase them at various online stores if you don’t want to experiment with DIY. Please visit our jewelry storages section for more jewelry stands and boxes. Read More »

Handcrafted Jewelry Displays from Luxembourg by Delphine Penen

Jewelry displays are becoming more and more popular. Your favorite and the most beautiful jewelry deserve to be store with care. These storages will help you to organize adornments and will protect it from scratches.

Delphine Penen offers amazing jewelry storages. These displays will allow you to have a much better visibility of all your jewels. No more earrings will be forgotten in a jewelry box. Accomplished in antique style it will also be a very ornamental picture in your room. Price of these jewelry displays including shipping all over the world will be about €200. Read More »

12 Handcrafted Jewelry Pieces Inspired by Dragons

According to Chinese astrology – New Year 2012 is the year of Black Water Dragon. The dragon is the fifth in the cycle of Chinese zodiac. Each of us knows that the dragon is very powerful but no less endowed with wisdom. Culture and traditions of ancient China always have their own fans. Therefore I would like to draw your attention to the jewelry performed in the Dragon theme.


Each of these jewelry pieces are made by hand and decorated with elements of Dragons. Craftsmen used various materials from gold and silver to bronze and wood. There is also a jewelry box made of Chinese bronzes and charming jewelry rack forged. All these things were found on the Etsy. Read More »

Stylish Ideas to Organize Your Jewelry Found on Etsy this Autumn

Happy owners of a large number of jewelry pieces face the problem of storing them. Nowadays it is not necessary to have safe box for this task. Considering the wide distribution of fashion and handmade jewelry, we should pay attention to more convenient jewelry storage facilities.

Jewelry organizing display is one of the most popular ways to store your jewelry. Such organizer will give you the opportunity to find a necessary item much faster. It also will be very elegant part of the interior. If you are confused by the fact that jewelry is not covered then you might like various drawers and cabinets. Such stores occupy more space but they can contain much more stuff. If there is no need for large sizes then pay attention to jewelry stands in form of different figures, such as tree or hand. Read More »

Memorable One of a Kind Jewelry Storages from The Decorative Box

Each woman needs a place where to hold her best friends, I mean jewelry. And certainly each woman likes unusual and useful gifts. If you want to surprise you sweetheart these special items from Decorative Box are just for you. They will become pleasant and memorable present being handcrafted and one of a kind.

Wood Box Decorative with Aquamarine Scrapbook Paper and Butterflies

The Decorative Box mixes rhinestones, acrylic paint, stain, rose wild wood icing, silk flowers, butterflies, dragonflies and many others to create a wonderful boxes, frames, trays and so on. The designer finds the inspiration in the sea world, autumn forest, in all the nature around. The color palette is also cute and soft. Each fashionmonger will find something special created exactly for her. These are gifts that all women would love to have. Read More »

Graceful Earring Stand Made From a Picture Frame

How do you store your earrings? If you do not have a suitable solutions then pay attention to this idea. The creator of this stand has spent about $ 5 and no more than 30 minutes. The idea is really amazing, to make similar you will need: picture frame, wire, acrylic paint & brush, stapler or tacks.

DIY Earring Stand

You can add an effect of antiquities to the frame using scrapes and a combination of colors. Quickly and simply creation that will help you keep your favorite earrings in a comfortable and easily accessible place. Read More »

Wooden Jewelry Case designed by Saskia Diez

AC02 JEWEL is a quadruple jewelry box. Interesting casket handcrafted out of solid European walnut. The surface of each of the modules has a different interior partitions, which conveniently lend themselves to the storing various jewelry or other precious stuff. The main features of this jewelry box are the pure use of material, simplicity and function.


Munich designer Saskia Diez in collaboration with German company e15 has created AC02 JEWEL. Saskia Diez is well known for her progressive jewelry design ideas and e15 is an internationally renowned design and architecture brand operating in the premium segment of the market. AC02 JEWEL is really amazing. Read More »

Vintage Jewelry Storages with Hand Painted Detail by Michal Negrin

Boxes for jewelry storage are not only the present actual for all the times but also the possibility to joy oneself. Such small chests are known to the mankind from ancient times. All noble ladies traveled with them. Nowadays this item doesn’t lose its importance. Needless to say that women adore gifts, especially jewels. But it is impossible to imagine such present without the appropriate wrapper.

Michal Negrin jewel storage made from polyester adorned by Swarovski crystals and printed decor

The collection called Personal Items by Michal Negrin can become a good solution. Cute or practical, lovely or daring, unusual or traditional… Tastes differ, and you can choose any chest you like. Jewelry storage is an obligatory attribute for each woman. It can be even called the house for your gems. So Personal Items offer a wide range of different chests. They will be not only comfortable and practical storage but also the pleasure for eyes being the result of creative designer’s imagination. Read More »