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How to create jewelry with your own hands? Advice and guidance.

Scrabble Jewelry from Home Studio

If you are thinking about simple and unpretentious gift to any holiday these cute little handmade jewels by Home Studio can become the good solution. Joyful and marry ideas of these pendants will certainly cause your smile. Choose any motive you prefer, it maybe birds, animals, accessorizes, phrases and even different national symbols.

PAPILLON on a pendant

All the models are eco friendly and are crafted with great care to every detail. So funny and stylish this collection is perfectly suitable for the youth who want to be distinguished among the crowd. Read More »

Yummy Treasures – The Clue to DIY Jewelry

The handmade jewelry or DIY jewelry are becoming more and more popular. On the Web you can find hundreds of tutorials about how to create bracelets and more complex jewelry. Either way you need to find components for decorating. With items from Yummy Treasures you can be sure that you will be able to create an infinite number of DIY jewelry.

DIY Bracelets from honestlywtf

Tiny pretty beads, drops, cabochons and pendant make the mood rise being unfussy accessories. The materials used by the designers are acrylic, plastic and glass. One can choose the variety of combination from the line of the items and create the accessory which will be ideal for her. Read More »

DIY Bird Nest Necklace by Sarah Ortega

DIY projects became so widely spread nowadays. People inspired by the beauty of the surrounding environment create masterpieces from little baubles. The bird nest motives in jewelry industry become very popular. If you have jewelry wire, beads or pearls, necklace chain and a clasp you can create a symbol of family and tender of your own.

Sarah Ortega knows how! Let your imagination play with the beads. Select those you like, string them on the wire, wrap the wire around the beads and attach a clasp to the end of a necklace chain. This is fresh, interesting and rather cheap decision how to brighten your image. We think it’s a good accessory for the young and bold. Just do it yourself! Read More »

Cork Jewelry Displays

Jewelry storages made of wine corks becoming more and more popular. You can do it yourself easily. All you need for it is to gather a couple of dozen corks from wine bottles, suitable frame and some accessories like lace ribbon, hooks, etc. It’s better to use a strong glue to bond it all together. All the rest depends on your imagination. You can find many examples on the web.

Cork jewelry displays look very elegant and naturally. You can purchase them at various online stores if you don’t want to experiment with DIY. Please visit our jewelry storages section for more jewelry stands and boxes. Read More »

DIY Tutorial: Flower Fabric Ring by V and Co

In the continuation of the DIY topic we want to tell you about the creation of the fabric flower ring by V and Co. It may become a perfect present for anyone you choose, either for your mother, sister or friend, or it may become a cute accessory for yourself. The designers offer three available color palettes, among them are pea green, sky blue, and canary yellow.

According to V and Co the necessary items for the process of creating are just one strip of fabric measuring at 1 inch by 10 inches, one adjustable ring blank and hot glue. The kits can be bought in their shop. Each kit comes with enough fabric and a ring blank. Following the few steps you will create bright and cool ring which will certainly give you a lot of joy! Read More »

Secrets of DIY Mastery – Woven Chain Bracelet

Nowadays the tendency to wear handmade jewelry and accessories becomes very popular. Many people enjoy to make jewelry themselves not only for them but also for their friends. And now when the autumn has come it will perfect to create for example the bright woven bracelet of friendship to fill your image with the fresh feelings and emotions.

Honestly…WTF will help you. All you need is a curb link bracelet, embroidery thread, two bobby pins, and a pair of scissors. Following the simple instructions given by the designers you will create your own little cute masterpiece. This will certainly save and give many sweet warm memories. Read More »

Graceful Earring Stand Made From a Picture Frame

How do you store your earrings? If you do not have a suitable solutions then pay attention to this idea. The creator of this stand has spent about $ 5 and no more than 30 minutes. The idea is really amazing, to make similar you will need: picture frame, wire, acrylic paint & brush, stapler or tacks.

DIY Earring Stand

You can add an effect of antiquities to the frame using scrapes and a combination of colors. Quickly and simply creation that will help you keep your favorite earrings in a comfortable and easily accessible place. Read More »