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Lovely Wedding Bands from Hawaii Titanium

Wedding rings made with titanium are popular more than a year. The choice of wedding rings is a very personal matter. It’s very nice if symbol of eternal love contains a piece of your spirit. If you like the culture of the Hawaiian Islands then you will appreciate this collection of wedding bands.

Lovely Wedding Bands from Hawaii Titanium

Wedding rings from Hawaii Titanium are custom created exotic masterpieces made of titanium, wood, carbon fiber, sterling silver and crushed natural minerals. The highlight of this collection is a magnificent combination of titanium and pictures made from fragments of minerals with wood. Say Aloha to extraordinary, beautiful, handcrafted rings made of titanium. Read More »

Vintage Jewelry Storages with Hand Painted Detail by Michal Negrin

Boxes for jewelry storage are not only the present actual for all the times but also the possibility to joy oneself. Such small chests are known to the mankind from ancient times. All noble ladies traveled with them. Nowadays this item doesn’t lose its importance. Needless to say that women adore gifts, especially jewels. But it is impossible to imagine such present without the appropriate wrapper.

Michal Negrin jewel storage made from polyester adorned by Swarovski crystals and printed decor

The collection called Personal Items by Michal Negrin can become a good solution. Cute or practical, lovely or daring, unusual or traditional… Tastes differ, and you can choose any chest you like. Jewelry storage is an obligatory attribute for each woman. It can be even called the house for your gems. So Personal Items offer a wide range of different chests. They will be not only comfortable and practical storage but also the pleasure for eyes being the result of creative designer’s imagination. Read More »

Contemporary Wood Art Jewelry by Gustav Reyes

Wooden jewelry is chosen by creative people with wide circle of interests, by those who are of inquisitive bent. Such jewelry possesses special kind of energy and sophistication which can be felt by people with perfect taste. Gustav Reyes presented his collection of Wood Art Jewelry which looks really contemporary and stylish. Fanciful twists and curves make these pieces of art very interesting and unusual.

Greater Than Cherry

The designer believes that human being is inseparably linked with nature, so he tries to work with it but not against. Gustav Reyes deeply appreciates our inner natural world and demonstrates this in his jewelry. Nature breathes in every form. The desire to create is the main motive for him. Extraordinary yet simple his collection attracts attention. Besides one more advantage is that ecological compatibility is in fashion nowadays, so wooden jewelry becomes a modern trend. Read More »

Bright and Striped Jewelry for spring and summer 2011 by Lacoste

Sports clothing and the legendary polo shirts by Lacoste are well known among fashion lovers all around the world. This year, the famous French brand Lacoste debuted with a collections of jewelry. At this moment there are five collections of fashion jewelry for women: Bloc Color, Everyday Essentiels, New Wave, Plein Ete and Women Club.

Bright and Striped Jewelry for spring and summer 2011 by Lacoste

Colorful jewelry pieces by Lacoste highlighted with youth style, as in the case with collections of clothing. The main materials used for creating these collections are wood, steel and resin. Designers from Lacoste in collaboration with GL Bijoux Group were able to transfer their famous style to jewelry collections. I suppose that jewelry collection for men is around the corner. Read More »

Environmentally friendly jewelry

One of the most environmentally friendly jewelry offer Cometman and Kokeya – well known distributor of plants. These rings crafted from a single piece of bubinga wood, the main jewel of which is a real moss and plants.

Karin-Fleshy Plant Ring by cometman and kokeya

Massiveness of the forms and angularity of the lines may disappoint fans of luxury jewelry, but the developers of these rings did not want to create conventional jewelry pieces. Their purpose was to create jewelry piece of a Japanese gardens of Kyoto, ideal for contemplation. These rings combine all the criteria of Japanese beauty. The lucky owners of these full of natural beauty rings will have to take care of the watering. Read More »