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Eco-friendly Jewelry from Redwood Collection by Mr. Lentz

Natural plants do not look worse than precious stones. I would like to pay attention to the jewelry with nature inside, despite the fact that winter gloom is now here. These amazing rings and necklaces are made from wood and herbs. They impress us with latitude of designer ideas and surprised by how easy the beautiful can look like.

Jewelry pieces from Redwood collection are inspired by the Redwood forests of Northern California. Each item is one of a kind and contains a piece of nature. The designer calls himself a modern cowboy of wood design, jewelry concoction, and creation of devices and inspiration meant to share with others. The entire collection available at Mr. Lentz online store, prices will pleasantly surprise you. Read More »

Handcrafted Trendy Jewelry from Dark Cloud Silver

Find yourself in the fanciful world of unusual and striking jewels from Dark Cloud Silver. The name of this brand tells its own tale. As it is said the accessories are designed and handcrafted by the team of raving elves in a warehouse in Sydney. Their collection surprises by the unexpected and cool variety of ideas that perform as the concept of the smart designers.

Dark Cloud Silver offers a wide range of pendants, rings and accessories made for customs. I should say these are jewels for the young and self-confident people who are beyond the stereotypes. Here you will find anything you want: speaker boxes, microphones, spray cans and earphones for music lovers, cameras, and even hair combs. Daring and fresh! Have a look to find your own style. Read More »

Memorable One of a Kind Jewelry Storages from The Decorative Box

Each woman needs a place where to hold her best friends, I mean jewelry. And certainly each woman likes unusual and useful gifts. If you want to surprise you sweetheart these special items from Decorative Box are just for you. They will become pleasant and memorable present being handcrafted and one of a kind.

Wood Box Decorative with Aquamarine Scrapbook Paper and Butterflies

The Decorative Box mixes rhinestones, acrylic paint, stain, rose wild wood icing, silk flowers, butterflies, dragonflies and many others to create a wonderful boxes, frames, trays and so on. The designer finds the inspiration in the sea world, autumn forest, in all the nature around. The color palette is also cute and soft. Each fashionmonger will find something special created exactly for her. These are gifts that all women would love to have. Read More »

Eclectic Mix of Materials and Vibrant Colors in Individual Jewelry Collections by Laura Tabor

Laura Tabor is the UK based designer offering the romantic and sophisticated accessories in the eponymous jewelry house. Her jewels express and symbolize sweet love and romanticism. So the prevalent forms in her collection are hearts, bows and so on. These are the adornments for beautiful young ladies exactly who fell in love or live in the world of dreams.

Laura Tabor brand uses only the finest materials and the mix of new and traditional techniques to create the pieces delighting the hearts. All the items are handcrafted in the UK from sterling silver and 18 K gold plate. The designer catches inspiration from the world around her and her jewels possess timeless elegance, vibrant and fresh colors and simplicity of forms giving the hypnotizing charm to the young coquettes. Read More »

8-bit Jewelry and Other Fancy Masterpieces from Neivz

Who said the accessories should be classically elegant and ordinary? Neivz is the project by Los Angeles based designer Steven Shein who is admired by the bold, audacious and bright ideas. He creates in rather different direction from cartoon heroes, pop culture and candies to futuristic architecture and computer programs.

The items are carefully crafted with the attention to the each detail and with all love and tender care to the creations. Shein delivers authenticity, integrity, and high quality design to the collection. He used laser cut plexiglass, wood and 14 K gold. By the way Neivz is the brand appreciated by lots of celebrities. Read More »

Wooden Jewelry Case designed by Saskia Diez

AC02 JEWEL is a quadruple jewelry box. Interesting casket handcrafted out of solid European walnut. The surface of each of the modules has a different interior partitions, which conveniently lend themselves to the storing various jewelry or other precious stuff. The main features of this jewelry box are the pure use of material, simplicity and function.


Munich designer Saskia Diez in collaboration with German company e15 has created AC02 JEWEL. Saskia Diez is well known for her progressive jewelry design ideas and e15 is an internationally renowned design and architecture brand operating in the premium segment of the market. AC02 JEWEL is really amazing. Read More »

Symbolic Jewelry from Max Steiner

Max Steiner is a very talented person which is known not only as a jewelry designer but also as sculptor, architectural modelmaker, 3d modeler and web developer. A wide circle of hobbies and interests gives him inspiration to create his masterpieces, sometimes pretty and elegant, and sometimes funny or charming. During his childhood Max was introduced to many different artistic methods and materials that’s why his collections are not similar with each other.

Thick Icon Brick Necklace

I guess everyone will find something to his taste from rings to decorative masks. For example his love to the art of origami encouraged the designer to create a beautiful and impressive collection of adornments in sterling silver and gold. A miracle of birth was symbolized in the Eli Collection in which pendants and earrings contain a tiny stones put into the hollow glass spaces. Inspired by his surroundings Max even created the collection devoted to NY subway. Have a look. Read More »

Sophisticated Things Filled With Classic Style and Quality by Harry Fane

A good craftsman does not need super expensive materials to create masterpiece. The main thing is the quality of production but not the material. We are surrounded by a huge number of daily use things. Harry Fane has founded private London gallery Obsidian in 1978. Jewelry & Watches presented in this gallery are actually work of art. Combination of vintage and modern style embodied in these masterpieces is beyond praise.

Sterling silver Vodka Shot Set of two by Harry Fane

Household items from Harry Fane deserve special attention. Bowls made of lava stone and silver combined with mother of pearl or coral can be refined and expensive gift. Also you can find here top quality caskets made of wood and silver. Please have a look. Read More »

Astonishing Fine Jewelry From Kara Ross

Kara Ross, a professional gemologist and talented designer, is passionate about different precious stones and their combinations from her childhood. Famous for creative use of gems and skins this designer creates the unique and exclusive adornments which impress by the play of colors and lights. Kara’s favourite materials are maple wood, gold, sterling silver, coral and a wide range of stones among which are amethyst, emerald, diamonds and so on.

Raw Love – Cobalt calcite heart pendant with 18K gold and diamond accent from Kara Ross

All jewels are handcraftedcrafted and are of high quality with the attention to the details. They look very curious and unusual. Such gems are not what you used to see and this fact is the great advantage. Bold ideas are expressed in each item, in the interesting color combinations and intricate lines. Read More »

Dangerous handcrafted earrings in tribal style

TribalStyle store offers very aggressive jewelry. Tribal culture itself is derived from dance of various tribes. Today tribal is a new trend of dance, young and fun. Movement in dance, were collected from different nations, different cultures – India, Spain, Middle East, Africa and the North. All these cultures Tribal combined into one – tribal culture. This trend develops brightness and independence.But before the performance people was dressed special costumes and jewelry.

Fake Gauges - Small Bone Hooks

These earrings look very warlike. The materials used are all natural and eco-friendly. The earrings are made from wood, coconut, and salvaged bone and horn. Ethnic style jewelry became very popular recently. Given the fact that the price is quite reasonable, I think it is worth trying. Read More »