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Tungsten Wedding Bands for Ladies

Speaking about wedding accessories we want to draw your attention by very uncommon collection from Tungsten World. The peculiarity of the rings is exactly the material. Tungsten ring looks very elegant and even mysterious. We already wrote about Tungsten wedding bands for men. Now let’s look at womens tungsten wedding bands.

BELLA 4mm 3 Diamond Womens Tungsten Wedding Ring Stone Inlay

Every bride dreams about the wonderful wedding ceremony which will be in the memory forever. And of course everything should be perfect, especially rings which are the most important attribute of the great day. Having such tungsten ring you can be sure that it will be certainly impressive. Moreover, all models are available in different sizes just suitable for the wonderful ladies and in various styles for different preferences. Needless to say you will find that very ring you are dreaming about! Read More »

Tungsten wedding bands ideas for men

Each girl in dreams sometimes thinks about style of wedding band which she wanted to have. Men dreams are much more difficult. Frequently the choice of wedding band becomes a male problem, because many of them never wore rings. If your fiancé is trying to avoid the jewelry stores you can give him an alternative idea of wedding band – tungsten ring.

AQUARIUS. Men Tungsten Solitaire Diamond Dombed Wedding Ring

AQUARIUS. Men Tungsten Solitaire Diamond Dombed Wedding Ring

This new wedding trend was very popular last year. Tungsten – is the hardest natural element on earth. Tungsten Carbide is approximately 12 times harder than gold, and 4 times harder than platinum. Thus natural qualities of this metal can be associated with male essence. These rings look very manfully and stylish. Read More »