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Stylish Handcrafted Jewelry from Boone Titanium Rings

Discover the world of the Boone rings, the adornments crafted from the unusual metal – titanium. The US based designer Bruce Boone and his talented team are the real masters of this art creating elegant and light rings of such different styles. You can choose any design you like, any inlay from the various line.

Titanium WORKING Handcuff ring

There are lots of advantages in this very metal. It is much harder than gold, silver, or platinum. It is not so expensive as platinum and much lighter and practice than many other metals. The designers create asymmetric stylish jewels or refined strict models, so each judge will be satisfied. It should be noticed, their rings are often imitated and they are never duplicated. Read More »

Wedding Rings Handcrafted Using Titanium and Wood from Etsy

Titanium wedding rings finally found their niche in bridal jewelry. Now it’s time for artisans for new experiments. Let’s turn our attention to the titanium rings made with wood. All these wedding rings were found on Etsy. They all are hand-made of titanium with different types of wood.

Titanium wedding bands is unusual and at the same times a very popular choice for both women and men. Titanium stronger than platinum, gold and silver. This will be the perfect choice for couples who prefer the open sky and recreation, because titanium rings do not need care and almost indestructible. Read More »

8 Handcrafted Mokume Gane Wedding Rings found on Etsy

Mokume Gane is an ancient Asian metalworking technique. This phrase translates from Japanese as “wood eye metal”. Items created by this technique have a unique texture clearly different from most jewelry pieces. If you are looking for extraordinary wedding ring then you should pay attention to Mokume Gane jewelry.

Anthony Angelcom Fine Jewelry

Mokume gane technique has appeared in medieval Japan. In those days it was used for the decoration of weapons, especially Katana swords. This technology has become very popular in jewelry at present times. Wedding rings made with various combinations of precious metals such as yellow and white gold, platinum, silver and decorated with sparkling gems will turn anyone’s head. Read More »

Contemporary Titanium Wedding Bands Collection from Edward Mirell

Love is all we need, it is everywhere. When two sweethearts decide to get married they have to make an important choice what rings will seal their marriage union. Wedding rings symbolize the love between two people, so they should be not just as usual jewels.

Contemporary Titanium Wedding Bands Collection from Edward Mirell

Edward Mirell, known as the global leader of contemporary metals jewelry, crafts his collection of rings from the unusual for goldsmith jewelry metal titanium and diamonds. He uses to kinds, either black or grey titanium making his rings very elegant and expressive. The latest patented technology is used to create unique designs, colors and styles. The line of rings looks very interesting with the diamond dividing the titanium circle. Extraordinary and at the same time sophisticated design is the result of the collaboration of skills and efforts of the master. Read More »

Masculine Bracelet made of Aerospace-Grade Titainium

Rogue jewelry items are what can be called unusual gems. For example, consisting of 52 parts the bracelet has the complex structure that constantly adapt to the lines of its wearer wrist. This is the bracelets worth the real man expressing the strength and power and being stylish and elegant at the same time.

Rogue Breacher Bracelet

Crafted from the unique and finest billet block, Military Spec. G5 aerospace grade titanium which is known as one of the strongest metals in the world the pieces of jewelry resemble the military accessories. Pendants and rings simply breathe self-confidence, independence and manliness. The imagination of the designers expresses the striking reality in the groundbreaking and sometimes even shocking creations. Read More »

Astonishing Fine Jewelry From Kara Ross

Kara Ross, a professional gemologist and talented designer, is passionate about different precious stones and their combinations from her childhood. Famous for creative use of gems and skins this designer creates the unique and exclusive adornments which impress by the play of colors and lights. Kara’s favourite materials are maple wood, gold, sterling silver, coral and a wide range of stones among which are amethyst, emerald, diamonds and so on.

Raw Love – Cobalt calcite heart pendant with 18K gold and diamond accent from Kara Ross

All jewels are handcraftedcrafted and are of high quality with the attention to the details. They look very curious and unusual. Such gems are not what you used to see and this fact is the great advantage. Bold ideas are expressed in each item, in the interesting color combinations and intricate lines. Read More »

Lovely Wedding Bands from Hawaii Titanium

Wedding rings made with titanium are popular more than a year. The choice of wedding rings is a very personal matter. It’s very nice if symbol of eternal love contains a piece of your spirit. If you like the culture of the Hawaiian Islands then you will appreciate this collection of wedding bands.

Lovely Wedding Bands from Hawaii Titanium

Wedding rings from Hawaii Titanium are custom created exotic masterpieces made of titanium, wood, carbon fiber, sterling silver and crushed natural minerals. The highlight of this collection is a magnificent combination of titanium and pictures made from fragments of minerals with wood. Say Aloha to extraordinary, beautiful, handcrafted rings made of titanium. Read More »

Jewelry Rings for Tweeters

These jewelry rings should be appreciated by geeks from all over the internet. How extraordinary the designer ideas can be? Twitter has become incredibly popular microblogging system. As a result we have a huge number of services related to the tweeter.

Silver Tweet Ring

Now jewelry is among these services, thanks to the Dutch company Service Tweet Rings offers to create your own unique ring with favorite tweet on it. Those of you who still do not have a favorite tweets, can use any phrase length 140 characters. Rings can be made of steel, silver or titanium. And what is your favorite tweet? Read More »

Masculine Pendants made of Aerospace-Grade Titainium

What could be more abruptly titanium pendant in the form of aviation turbine? It even whistles like the real one. Titanium pendant VX-TURBINE is a fully functioning tri-blade, 30-part turbine assembly. Pendant combines sophisticated forms and sculptural surfacing that allows expanding the border processing of products. Thanks to 5-axis machining, three titanium turbine blades are accelerated through a specially designed air channels.

Rogue VX-Turbine, pendants made with Mil-Spec G-5 Aerospace-Grade Titainium 2

Titanium pendant B2-SPARROW produced by technology 5-axis machining with high precision and has secondary movable wings with an interesting visual effect. Titanium pendant PEACEMAKER was created using combination of 5-axis and 3-axis machining. Each modular wing-unit of the Peacemaker takes more than 8 hours of machine time to complete. Titanium pendant BLOCKER composed of two pieces with Rogue DZN logo. 3-axis machining has tolerances of less than 2 thousandth of an inch. Each of these pendants has a unique serial number and is an exclusive jewelry by Rogue DZN. Read More »

Black Titanium Wedding Bands by Edward Mirell

The tradition of wearing wedding rings is an element of family life in a huge number of countries. Orthodox, Catholics, Protestants, Jews – all of them putting on the ring-finger of their partner symbol of marriage. My parents have wedding rings made of gold, but nowadays such an approach to the choice of the symbol of family life is not a surprise. Titanium wedding rings are forever. Inert properties of the metal and its amazing hardness have caused its use in the manufacture of prosthetic devices and weapons – these properties will ensure long life engagement rings made of titanium. Wedding rings made of titanium does not fade and will not rust.

Beveled Edge Titanium Diamond Wedding Band by Edward Mirell

Beveled Edge Titanium Diamond Wedding Band

Black titanium rings by Edward Mirell are elements of strength and masculine. These rings are all made from black titanium, some of them with diamonds. Read More »