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Gorgeous Diamond Bathtub for Baby by Lori Gardner

To splash in the bathtub with bubbles is a joy for any child. And if it’s bath by Lori Gardner it will be an unforgettable experience of a lifetime.

The Baby Bathtub by Lori Gardner

Let me remind you not so long ago The Diamond Bathtub was represented to the world community. It is the result of three years of laborious work by designer Lori Gardner. Amazing bathtub was encrusted with forty-six thousand, nine hundred and twenty-eight Swarovski crystals. Children’s version of the world famous Bath is now available. You can use this bath off-label. For example to wash your pet or well, I think you’ll find how to use it wisely. Available in all Swarovski colors. Read More »

The most expensive tires in the world

Jewelry can be called any object created with the use of precious metals and/or stones. Who would have thought that the tires can be encrusted with diamonds? Cooper Tires has produced one-of-a-kind set of tires encrusted with diamonds. Release of such unusual jewelry car parts has been timed to 60 years of British Formula 3 racing.

The most expensive tires in the world by Cooper with diamonds

Unique set of tires was developed in concert with the jewelers of FK Diamonds. The result of scrupulous work is high-quality set of tires with Cooper logo made from a mixture of diamonds and Swarovski crystals. Formula 3 jewelry tires were demonstrated for the first time at the Silverstone launch of the 2011 Cooper Tire British F3 International Series. Read More »

Glorious iPhone 4 by Stuart Hughes

The Exclusive iPhone 4 Billionaire Toys is a new product from the British designer Stuart Hughes. At this time the jeweler offers luxury gadget in platinum and gold which is encrusted with the most expensive Swarovski crystals.

iPhone 4 BILLIONAIRE TOYS Gold edition

iPhone 4 BILLIONAIRE TOYS Gold edition

iPhone 4 with 32GB memory obtained body made with 24-carat gold or platinum, edge of the Billionaire Toy incrusted with Swarovski crystals(total number of 500 pieces). The Apple logo consists of 53 crystals. The exclusive phone equipped with luxury headphones, depending on phone they can be made of gold or platinum and decorated with Swarovski crystals. The Exclusive iPhone 4 Billionaire Toys will be released a limited edition (1000 copies). Read More »

Earrings in the style of Sex Pistols

Vivienne Westwood was always full of rebel spirits. Vivien began her design activities when she was thirty years old. In early 1970’s Vivienne Westwood with Malcolm McLaren launched their own boutique. This boutique was called SEX. In the mid of 70’s punks had conquered The Britain. Vivienne sensitively reacted to changes in youth fashion. From that moment she began her ascent.

Diamante Heart Stud Earrings Red

Diamante Heart Stud Earrings Red

Nowadays collections of Vivienne Westwood shake the podiums of London. Her collection of earrings is not an exception. Want to be in the mainstream of punk style? Then you should take heed to the Sex Pistols spirit! Read More »

Spring/Summer 2011 collection by Merle O’Grady

One of the features of Merle O’Grady’s style is custom-made laser-cut transparent thermoplastic (Perspex) in tandem with Swarovski Crystals and 14K gold. Some pieces made with trendy in this season 22K Vermeil. The lifestyle of Palm Springs in 60’s became the inspiration for Merle O’Grady to create this collection. Expressive industrial edges and transparent Perspex adds special spirit of 60’s to this collection and warm colors are reminding us that soon it will be summer time.

Spring/Summer 2011 collection by Merle O'Grady

Spring/Summer 2011 collection by Merle O'Grady

Merle O’Grady was born in Dublin studied in Fashion Design at Limerick School of Art & Design before relocating to London in 2004. She specialized at London’s Cordwainers College in Accessory Design. Become successful in selling her own designs leather handbag she decided to start her own jewelry line. This is her second collection focused on spring/summer 2011. Read More »