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Test Your Imagination with Magnetic Necklace

Have you ever seen a piece of jewelry that has no definite form and allows its owner to use maximum of imagination and ingenuity to create it? Stix+Stones was created by Brandon Perhacs from Lichen Studio. Interesting necklace consists of two basic elements: steel sticks – «Stix» and balls – «Stones». The secret of these “controlled” elements in magnetism, which enables the owner to manage the jewelry configuration and add a variety of shapes.

Stix+Stones necklace

The owner of Stix+Stones can easily play with the forms, elements, symmetry giving the necklace new unique look every day. Extraordinary jewelry masterpiece consists from brushed stainless steel, silicone and magnets. Read More »

The whole world in one necklace

World Links is very extraordinary necklace offered by designers Liz Kinnmark and Kegan Fisher. At first glance it might seem that this necklace is simply the piece of jewelry. But this necklace is also a symbol of world unity. All continents are connected by chains. When wearing this necklace you are wearing a piece of each continent. These necklaces are made from high-quality stainless steel, and will not tarnish or cause allergic reactions. Colored pieces are filled with enamel.

World Links Necklace - Gold

Liz Kinnmark and Kegan Fisher are co-founders of Design Glut portal. At their site you can find a lot of housewares and jewelry with unexpected twists. Read More »

Steampunk Ring by Kinekt Design

It’s not so difficult to make an attractive ring using precious metals and stones. It’s much harder to make an attractive ring using the mechanical elements. The really interesting and fresh jewelry design ideas are too little. Specialists from the Kinekt Design represent The Gear Ring.

Gear Ring by Kinekt Design

Gear Ring by Kinekt Design

This ring has its own mechanism and you can actually rotate the gears! This artifact should cause interest by fans of steampunk. The Gear Ring is made from high quality matte stainless steel. Kinekt Design offers twelve standard US ring sizes from 5 to 16. You can also buy this unique ring for a gift by using gift certificate. Read More »