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Portal Companion Cube Engagement Ring

This item will be a pleasant surprise for the fans of the computer games especially Portal. Bmf jewelry took the customer’s idea and made the cute engagement ring with the cube from the game. The adornment doesn’t pretend to be expensive and precious.

Portal Companion Cube Engagement Ring

The design ides was important while creating not the material. So the ring was made by stainless steel. It required an intricate work to make the cube just the same as we can see it in the game but the designer managed with great success! A little pretty surprise for the sweetheart and really good idea! Read More »

The Story of a Jeweler: Birte Soellner

Birte Soellner is a goldsmith and jewelry designer based in Leipzig, Germany. Her collections are designed and handmade in her studio. She combines steel and leather to create contemporary and fashionable jewelry pieces. With that unusual material mix and the fresh design she captured the modern aesthetic of the last few years.

The necklaces play with flexibility, as a natural character of the material steel, and softness as the quality of leather. Each cuff is made of a single piece of steel sheet, rigorously folded and finally connected with a leather strap. Birte´s works are available in many different natural tones. Read More »

Modern Animal Jewelry from The Rogue And The Wolf

How do you imagine the modern jewelry? Very creative designers from the UK have an interesting offer. The Rogue And The Wolf are modern and exciting creations by two independent designers and makers with two heads full of ideas and a heart full of love for wild things. They enjoy using the latest technologies to see how far they can push them, and sharing beautiful and quirky creations along the way.

The Rogue And The Wolf offers ultra modern rings and pendants. All of these amazing items 3d printed in nylon or stainless steel. Crafted in the form of wild animals they immediately catch the eye. Modern dandies should think about buying a couple of these items. Read More »

Revolving Calendar Ring – Not Merely a Jewelry

Almost a month has passed since the beginning of 2012. But maybe someone did not have time to get a calendar. In this case you will be interested with this gadget. What are the similarities might be between jewelry and the calendar? Calendar can be integrated into the ring.

Calendar ring made of stainless steel. It consists of three rotating discs. One of them contains months from January to December. The other contains the numbers from 1 to 31. The middle disc is a connecting link of the ring it was adorned with a stone that points to a combination of the date of the month. Calendar Ring will be an interesting jewelry gift with low cost.

Cell Cycle – Jewelry Obtained From Collaboration of Mathematics and Biological Architecture

Progress in science and technology offers new opportunities in different industries. Scientific progress penetrates even such conservative areas like Jewellery. Jessica Rosenkrantz and Jesse Louis-Rosenberg developed an interesting way to create a mathematical jewelry. Jessica Rosenkrantz graduated from MIT in 2005 and holds degrees in Architecture and Biology. Jesse Louis-Rosenberg also attended MIT, majoring in Mathematics. They founded Nervous System in 2007. At site of the company everyone can pass a simple algorithm, which eventually will give a pattern for jewelry most suitable for you.

Cell Cycle is a collection of 3D printed nylon, stainless steel and sterling silver jewelry. Jewelry can be one of two colors white or black. Jessica and Jesse have developed software for creating 3D model using their unique algorithms. Resulting jewelry is created using a process called Selective Laser Sintering. For iPad owners they are developing a special application. Read More »

Multitasking Pendant from Michiel Cornelissen

Dutch designer Michiel Cornelissen offers wonderful combination of tool and symbol. A bit cross is bronze infused, stainless steel pendant. But it is not simply pendant in shape of a cross. Tips of the cross are an indispensable tool in everyday life.

A bit cross by michiel cornelissen

Bit sizes are based on actual tool bits, including an IKEA standard tool – handy for those touch up jobs you never get around to. Pendant is made of bronze infused stainless steel and can be used for light jobs. Michiel Cornelissen graduated from the Delft University of Technology. Among his works there are a lot of interesting things deserving your attention. Read More »

Pink Floral Watches by Chopard

Chopard’s Watchmakers have presented four new models from Happy Sport collection. These elegant ladies watches are inspired by summer. Each masterpiece from “La vie en rose” is the embodiment of carefree mood, bright colors, glamorous and femininity. This watch has a unique charm thanks to the famous mobile diamonds.

18-carat white gold, 18-carat rose gold, rose sapphires, diamonds, moving rose sapphires and moving diamonds

Women who like shades of pink in their appearance will be pleasantly surprised by the exquisite combination of pink from the bezel set with pink sapphires, to the rose mother-of-pearl dial and with a matching satin strap! Even the dial is decorated with rose flower. Timepieces are made of stainless steel, 18K gold, sapphires and diamonds. If you are thinking about buying one of La vie en rose then you should hurry because their quantity is limited. Read More »

Bright and Striped Jewelry for spring and summer 2011 by Lacoste

Sports clothing and the legendary polo shirts by Lacoste are well known among fashion lovers all around the world. This year, the famous French brand Lacoste debuted with a collections of jewelry. At this moment there are five collections of fashion jewelry for women: Bloc Color, Everyday Essentiels, New Wave, Plein Ete and Women Club.

Bright and Striped Jewelry for spring and summer 2011 by Lacoste

Colorful jewelry pieces by Lacoste highlighted with youth style, as in the case with collections of clothing. The main materials used for creating these collections are wood, steel and resin. Designers from Lacoste in collaboration with GL Bijoux Group were able to transfer their famous style to jewelry collections. I suppose that jewelry collection for men is around the corner. Read More »

Jewelry Rings for Tweeters

These jewelry rings should be appreciated by geeks from all over the internet. How extraordinary the designer ideas can be? Twitter has become incredibly popular microblogging system. As a result we have a huge number of services related to the tweeter.

Silver Tweet Ring

Now jewelry is among these services, thanks to the Dutch company Service Tweet Rings offers to create your own unique ring with favorite tweet on it. Those of you who still do not have a favorite tweets, can use any phrase length 140 characters. Rings can be made of steel, silver or titanium. And what is your favorite tweet? Read More »

Concrete rings in urban style

It’s really amazing. Cement can be used in jewelry! 22designstudio inspired by urban life and city architecture has created interesting collection of rings. They used high-density cement and stainless steel as the main materials for these rings.

Humanity concrete ring by 22designstudio


22designstudio was founded by Sean Yu and Yiting Cheng, who graduated from the Industrial Design Department of National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan. They named the studio 22 to keep the passion and ideals since they were 22. Each of the rings is full of symbolism, for example “Corner” ring with unexpected angle reminds the owner that at every turn he can found a pleasant surprise. According to the designers this ring generates a desire to know what lurks out there – beyond the pass. Read More »