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Topaz jewelry.

Cupid and Other Angels in Angelitos Collection from Carrera Y Carrera

The angelic theme is in vogue on the eve of Valentine’s Day. Of course Valentines and hearts are also in fashion due this time. This pleasant and romantic holiday is good time to reveal your feelings. Carrera Y Carrera offers a dive into the world of angelic luxury. This collection of masterpieces is not new but appropriate to the subject matter of the holiday.

Yellow gold

Angelitos collection consists of rings, earrings, pendants and necklaces made of yellow and white gold. Some of them are decorated with diamonds and other precious stones. “The Angel, symbol of goodness, beauty and love, has throughout history served as a central theme in all forms of artistic expression.” Read More »

Artisan Made Sterling Silver and Gemstone Jewelry from The Sly Fox

In the Sly Fox store on Etsy you can find mysterious wedding jewelry. Rings and bands filled with classic style. But each of them has a special attraction. Craftsman masterfully creates his work in silver and gold. If you want to add something special then just contact him.

2.5mm Slim Flat 14k Solid Yellow Gold Stacking Ring

The Sly Fox also offers simple jewelry with clean lines made of sterling silver, fine silver and gemstones. I think that artisan is too modest. All rings, earrings, necklaces and pendants are filled with unique charm. Pay attention to the oxidized jewelry. The oxidation is not permanent, but will wear out uniquely with each owner like a pair of jeans. Read More »

Sterling Silver Artisan Jewelry – Stacking Rings from Lavender Cottage

If you want to have a stylish and charming ring you should pay attention to the collection of the Stacking rings by Lavender Cottage shop. Each item is handcrafted with loving care. These are the rings that last the lifetime. Cheryl Van Dyck, the designer uses only one of a kind stones that bring a special hue to the items, so you shouldn’t hesitate about the uniqueness of your ring. If you want to suggest your own idea of design you are welcome.

Stacking Rings Sterling Silver with Malachite

Lavender Cottage offers a range of bright and elegant accessories that will be suitable for each woman. The rings are romantic and noble, cute and simple. The designer uses different materials among which are sterling silver, golden brass etc. Enjoy the stacking charm. Read More »

Balanced Mosaic of Colors, Textures and Shapes – Jewelry by Pamela Huizenga

Pamela Huizenga is the jewelry designer who found her inspiration in designing her own accessory line. She tries to find the balance in her creations, this is the balance of colours, textures and shapes, the designer doesn’t hide the imperfection of the stones which she adores mentioning that this feature gives the stones their special personality and makes them individual just like us.

Rose Cut Diamonds in 18k gold

Pamela Huizenga works with the nature using colorful and bright gemstones and giving a lot of energy and love to each item. She focuses on the color and shape of each gem, allowing it to guide her hands and imagination. Her jewellery is the wonderful and luscious mosaic bringing the joy and good mood. Read More »

New Arrivals in Fashion Jewelry from Jessica Simpson Collection

We have already presented to you the jewelry connected with the name of the famous singer Jessica Simpson. But this woman of fashion keeps step with the time. Now it is high time to pay attention to the autumn collection. The jewels presented are bold and even a bit audacious with bright colors and unexpected playful shapes.

The accessories are stunning and uniquely adorned with turquoise stones, beads, and rhinestones. The designer uses silver, gold and other colors playing with their tones to catch the light. The adornments are made in different styles from the fanciful youthful to the elegant and sophisticated. Have a look at the collection. Read More »

Collection of Accessories for the Princess from Montblanc

«Collection Princesse Grace de Monaco» is a new collection of jewelry pieces and writing accessories released by Montblanc in honor of Her Majesty Princess Grace of Monaco. Princess Grace was married in a pink dress therefore most of the accessories made in white and pink colors.

«Collection Princesse Grace de Monaco» consists of jewelry, watches and pens, which are made of gold and encrusted with precious stones. Princess set sparkling with white and pink diamonds, sapphires and topaz. The collection was created to support The Princess Grace Foundation. All funds from the sale of these accessories will go to charity. Read More »

Gorgeous Mari Jewelry Pieces from Sarah Ho London

Mari is one of the latest jewelry collections by SHO London Company. It consists of earrings, pendants, rings and bangles which are made of sterling silver and yellow gold vermeil with the fancy combination of the gems such as amethyst, rhodolite or topaz. The word “Mari” means “the sea” from Sardinian, so Sarah Ho inspired by the water element and its power created the jewelry items expressing all the beauty and fascination which sea gives. As it is known water is the thing on which people can look all the time.

Mari Rush Ring in Sterling Silver and yellow Gold Vermeil with Citrine Rhodolite and Amethyst

Mari collection includes jewelry pieces which certainly draw attention and can even leave speechless. Luxury and sophisticated, reflecting water droplets in each item, Mari jewelry have light and airy feel. These items are for those who are fond of innovative and marvelous style and are passionate for gemstones and bright colors. Read More »

Fabulous Cocktail Rings by Rachel Galley

Beautiful rings included in Cocktail Jewelry Collection by Rachel Galley will add freshness to any party. This collection is all about having fun with fine pieces of jewelry. Made of gold or platinum these bold rings are available in two sizes. They are very bright due to the bright colors of the gemstones. Choose any you like, either amethyst or topaz. May be you prefer noble citrine?

Fabulous Cocktail Rings by Rachel Galley

Marvelous and luxury rings will complete your style and express definite mood. Rachel Galley is famous for interactive and fun to wear designs with some shade of mystery. Cocktail jewelry items give the feeling of holiday and lightness making the wearer’s air unique and individual. Read More »

Poison Ring with a Large Central Topaz

This ring is like from some old novel. Jewelry piece is full of mysteries and surprises. Large topaz hides a stash that can be opened with special key. The entire surface of the ring is covered with engravings and each of the four clamps holding the large topaz is decorated with a sapphire (on request sapphires can be replaced by diamonds).

Gold Poison Ring with a Large Central Topaz

Ring is completely handmade including the lock mechanism. Little cache size is approximately 12mm wide x 12mm deep x 18mm. Key for a cache of about 23 mm long and comes on a 50cm chain. Ring can be made of solid gold or solid sterling silver. Read More »

Hot Jewelry Trend for spring by London Manori

Several days ago London Manori said that Sterling Silver Is the Hot Jewelry Trend for Spring. First of all what is Sterling Silver? Sterling silver is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% by weight of silver and 7.5% by weight of other metals, usually copper. Actually it is the most popular silver today. Sterling silver doesn’t tarnish and require constant polishing. Returning to topic of our conversation, I would like to introduce you to some rings by London Manori. This collection called Dragons:

Romantic devotion of the eternal flame

Romantic devotion of the eternal flame

Play with fire and ice

Play with fire and ice

Dangerous opulence wrapped around your wrist

Dangerous opulence wrapped around your wrist

Look at these masterpieces made of 18k white and yellow gold with white pave diamonds, blue diamonds, black diamonds and Tahitian pearls. But Manori says that the jewelry trend for this spring is Sterling Silver. Time will show. Let’s look at women’s silver rings by London Manori: Read More »