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Quartz jewelry.

Trunfio Universe by Australian beauty, Nicole Trunfio

Passionate about the strict geometry of the Egypt pyramids Nicole Trunfio creates her collection according to the trend. The Australian designer tries to combine the timelessness and the look to the future. All of her adornments have rigorous angular shapes. But in my opinion this conceals peculiar elegance.

The center of the first collection is the TRUNFIO Universe bracelet. The main trick of that bracelet is that you can build your own using online service. The line of materials used by the designer is very wide: sterling silver, 14k gold, rose gold, silver, and black rhodium, quartz and diamonds. The jewels finished with stones symbolize relations or feelings. I think these items will be suitable for young and stylish girls. Read More »

Cupid and Other Angels in Angelitos Collection from Carrera Y Carrera

The angelic theme is in vogue on the eve of Valentine’s Day. Of course Valentines and hearts are also in fashion due this time. This pleasant and romantic holiday is good time to reveal your feelings. Carrera Y Carrera offers a dive into the world of angelic luxury. This collection of masterpieces is not new but appropriate to the subject matter of the holiday.

Yellow gold

Angelitos collection consists of rings, earrings, pendants and necklaces made of yellow and white gold. Some of them are decorated with diamonds and other precious stones. “The Angel, symbol of goodness, beauty and love, has throughout history served as a central theme in all forms of artistic expression.” Read More »

Eco Bracelets Handcrafted by Artisan from Aelios Design

Simple, elegant and stylish. This is how the jewelry line from Aeliosdesign can be described. These are accessories for modern unique people with the strong sense of liberty. Original item are unique being handcrafted from the finest natural materials (among which are various metals, wood and leather), semi-precious stones using eco-friendly methods.

Aeliosdesign is the brand located in Chania, Crete, Greece. The designer waits for all custom orders, so you can choose any metal, size or color that you prefer. This is really very interesting collection rather suitable for the autumn. Warm and soft palette used in the Aeliosdesign creations brings calmness and conciliation. Read More »

Artisan Made Sterling Silver and Gemstone Jewelry from The Sly Fox

In the Sly Fox store on Etsy you can find mysterious wedding jewelry. Rings and bands filled with classic style. But each of them has a special attraction. Craftsman masterfully creates his work in silver and gold. If you want to add something special then just contact him.

2.5mm Slim Flat 14k Solid Yellow Gold Stacking Ring

The Sly Fox also offers simple jewelry with clean lines made of sterling silver, fine silver and gemstones. I think that artisan is too modest. All rings, earrings, necklaces and pendants are filled with unique charm. Pay attention to the oxidized jewelry. The oxidation is not permanent, but will wear out uniquely with each owner like a pair of jeans. Read More »

Unique Gold Handmade Jewelry from Delezhen

Feel the sense of magic being given by the fabulous jewelry from New York based Delezhen store. This is the line of the high quality handmade bright accessories for women which like to be in the centre of everyone’s attention. These earrings, necklaces and rings are so colorful and alive that they certainly cannot leave without emotions. Some can even see the shade of mystery in the luscious contours.

White Agate, Amethyst Bracelet

Delezhen uses only the finest materials to create its masterpieces including 14K, 18K and 22K solid gold and 18K and 22K gold plated vermeil and natural gemstones. As the designer uses only natural stones, they may vary slightly in shape, shade and size. Fill your autumn with deep and beautiful colors! Read More »

Balanced Mosaic of Colors, Textures and Shapes – Jewelry by Pamela Huizenga

Pamela Huizenga is the jewelry designer who found her inspiration in designing her own accessory line. She tries to find the balance in her creations, this is the balance of colours, textures and shapes, the designer doesn’t hide the imperfection of the stones which she adores mentioning that this feature gives the stones their special personality and makes them individual just like us.

Rose Cut Diamonds in 18k gold

Pamela Huizenga works with the nature using colorful and bright gemstones and giving a lot of energy and love to each item. She focuses on the color and shape of each gem, allowing it to guide her hands and imagination. Her jewellery is the wonderful and luscious mosaic bringing the joy and good mood. Read More »

New Arrivals in Fashion Jewelry from Jessica Simpson Collection

We have already presented to you the jewelry connected with the name of the famous singer Jessica Simpson. But this woman of fashion keeps step with the time. Now it is high time to pay attention to the autumn collection. The jewels presented are bold and even a bit audacious with bright colors and unexpected playful shapes.

The accessories are stunning and uniquely adorned with turquoise stones, beads, and rhinestones. The designer uses silver, gold and other colors playing with their tones to catch the light. The adornments are made in different styles from the fanciful youthful to the elegant and sophisticated. Have a look at the collection. Read More »

Dropping Jewelry by Jung Ee Eun

Design idea does not stand still. South Korean jewelry brand Jung Ee Eun is founded by young designers from Seoul. Despite the youth, Jung Ee Eun due unusual collections has quickly gained popularity around the world.

Dropping stone pendant -  tektite stone

One of these collections is called Droppings, all jewelry pieces are melting like drops. Designers were inspired by the effect of a candle melting. Rings and pendants look like the precious wax drops slowly trickles down and solidify at half way. Jewelry from the Droppings collection are made of silver and covered with 18-karat yellow gold. As precious stones were used quartz and tektite. Read More »

Bestiario collection by Carrera Y Carrera

You will not have to tame these predators. Masters of Carrera Y Carrera have done it for you. Masterpieces are made of gold, silver and precious stones. Giraffe, crocodile, eagle, elephant, leopard, tiger and snake – each of these animals are endowed with special meaning. For example the tiger is a symbol of royalty, majesty and beauty. Almost in all of the ancient civilizations the snake was a symbol of intuition, seduction and temptation. The eagle is the king of all birds and it symbolizes dignity, spiritual strength and good luck. There is no doubt that elephant, crocodile, leopard and giraffe also have a special meaning.

Crocodile Brooch in yellow gold from Bestiario collection by Carrera Y Carrera

Do you already have favorite animal? Perhaps you can find it in the Bestiario collection by Carrera Y Carrera. Read More »

Amazing Jewelry Pieces by Angelina Jolie and Robert Procop

Angelina Jolie debuted with first fine jewelry collection in Beverly Hills. All masterpieces from Style of Jolie line were designed in collaboration with Robert Procop (CEO of British luxury brand Asprey). Every jewelry pieces inlaid with precious and semiprecious stones: topaz, quartz, emeralds, diamonds.

Five Row White Quartz Tablet Bracelet by Angelina Jolie and Robert Procop

Among the items of collection there are jewelry pieces which Angelina Jolie wore in the movies. Stunning rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces are made of gold. Style of Jolie jewelry exhibited in an exclusive Julien’s Gallery in Beverly Hills. But the main mission of Angelina Jolie remains unchanged – helping children in crisis by educating children around the world. Read More »