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12 Handcrafted Jewelry Pieces Inspired by Dragons

According to Chinese astrology – New Year 2012 is the year of Black Water Dragon. The dragon is the fifth in the cycle of Chinese zodiac. Each of us knows that the dragon is very powerful but no less endowed with wisdom. Culture and traditions of ancient China always have their own fans. Therefore I would like to draw your attention to the jewelry performed in the Dragon theme.


Each of these jewelry pieces are made by hand and decorated with elements of Dragons. Craftsmen used various materials from gold and silver to bronze and wood. There is also a jewelry box made of Chinese bronzes and charming jewelry rack forged. All these things were found on the Etsy. Read More »

Jewelry by Janis Kerman – Balance, not symmetry

It’s the balance, not the symmetry. Such motto expresses the philosophy of Janis Kerman jewelry house. Her accessories are the new mix of the geometric shapes and organic forms. The jewels are crafted from sterling silver, 18K yellow gold and the variety of precious and semiprecious stones among which are pearls, amethysts, aquamarines and many others. They strike with the fresh ideas, sophisticated lines and bright colors.

Janis Kerman, the gifted designer, who found her direction in experimenting with various metals and techniques, catch inspiration in everything she meets both artistic and common, as well as in color and texture. Her adornments seem to breathe with a special kind of energy. The magic of the colors playing in the stones is simply fantastic. Have a look. Read More »

Silver Bracelets from Fall 2011 Collection by Ulinx

Autumn has come and it brought the new tendencies in fashion with it. Ulinx provides us with the fabulous cute and stylish bracelets made of silver. This is really what can be called the magnetic jewelry. This fashion company develops the concept of encouraging the contemporary women to be individual, to feel their own style. The charming bracelets are innovative and elegant looking very suitable for the young.

The best part is that with such adornments you will be able to express yourself with fun, joy and sophistication at the same time. Being rather simple the bracelets are very cute. Romantic or cool, striking and beautiful they will be perfect accessories for any girl. Reach iconic status wearing these dramatic shades that command your undivided attention. Read More »

Perfection of Jewelry Art – The Animal World by Chopard

We have already reviewed several jewelry collections by Chopard. And now it is high time to find yourself in the wonderful world of beautiful, charming and dream like animals with the help of Animal World by this brand. Faithful to the conception of brightness and vividness Chopard presented the jewels striking by its elegance and chic.

Perfection of Jewelry Art

This new world was dreamed by the designers to celebrate Chopard’s 150 years. A bit childish these gems breathe with happiness and cheerful mood. The wonderful and lively jungles consist of a great variety of animals including rather unusual. The materials are also unexpected, among them are quartz, kunzites, red gold, titanium etc. The exceptional beauty, rare stones, amazing combination of the colors and high quality are that what impress in the Animal World. Read More »

Fresh and Modern Bracelets by Jolie B. Ray

Tanya Tochner and Marjorie Troob, the two happy mothers, found their vocation in jewelry design and creation. The name of their company came after the name of their four children. So their creativity is full of love and tender feelings. The collection of bracelets by Jolie B. Ray id devoted to a contemporary woman to give her the sense of liberty and at the same time to let her feel feminine and charming. The bracelets have been described as “jewelry that is fresh and modern”.

Midnight Cuff In Brass And Oxidized Silver With Diamonds

The collection is made of 18k gold, precious, and semi-precious stones. Bright and innovative design yet the high quality of the craftsmanship create that very intricate style that can be worn at every situation. The advantage of the collection is the brilliant colors of the stones, as well as the intricate lines in the gold. Choose your own style with the help of such elegant accessory. Read More »

Adorable COCO Collection by Chanel

Chanel… The name of this great woman and the world famous brand is in the hearts of millions ladies everywhere. Passionate, bright, colourful and sensual – these are the most suitable words while describing COCO Collection including rings, bracelets and necklaces.

18K white gold, aquamarine, sapphires, pearls from South Sea, diamonds

These masterpieces simply breathe with delicate and subtle aesthetics of Venice. Gabriel Chanel used different sorts of gold and bold combinations of precious stones and brilliants to create jewels which will be the delight for an eye and a soul. The collection is finished in vanguard style. The air of bygone days is embodied in the fascinating rings so adorning the modern woman. Bright and sumptuous these jewelry items give the sense of luxury and grandeur. Gorgeous! Read More »

Wonderful Damianissima 925 Collection by Damiani

Damiani is the well-known Italian brand established in the world of fashion jewelry as the producer of top qualified and elegant adornments impressing the imagination by the mesmerizing beauty, fresh design ideas and superb manufacturing technique. New collection Damianissima 925 is what really can be called a brilliant one.

Sharon Stone with jewelry from Damianissima 925 collection be Damiani

A silver and diamonds collection with mother-of-pearls or onix is the ideal icon of the perfect jewelry pieces. They simply hypnotize by the play of light and sophisticated lines. These tiny works of art possess great creativity, elegant style and real passion. New collection presents to us the perfect dimensions, proportions and angles of reflection. Such adornments will help to complete the noble air at any great event giving the new emotions to the wearer. Read More »

Exquisite Masterpieces from Granada Collection by Carrera Y Carrera

Carrera y Carrera, a Spanish leading jewelry brand, has been astounding the connoisseurs for already lots of years. Their jewelry items are known for the innovative design lines and bold bright decisions in style. Granada is a charming collection which consists of rings, pendants, earrings, cufflinks, bracelets and necklaces. All pieces are made of gold interestingly combined with onyx or diamonds.

Arcos De Granada Ring in White gold, onyx and diamonds

The mesmerizing beauty of Granada is intended for those who really appreciate elegance and charm. It may even seem that these seductive adornments have a definite tinge of mystery concealing in the black chasm of onyx. Granada will become the right choice for women who want to surprise themselves and catch the attention of others. Read More »

Rings of LOVE by Cartier

You want to gift your beloved with something luxurious and adorable this Valentine’s Day? Take notice of the breathtaking rings from LOVE Collection by Cartier.

Rings of LOVE by Cartier

Rings of LOVE by Cartier

LOVE Collection has appeared in the time of popularity of minimalism. And in a trice has turned in real love story thanking Liz Taylor and Richard Barton, Sofia Loren and Carlo Ponti. Jewelry pieces of LOVE collection demonstrate the perfect beauty of minimalist designs. High-tech design of LOVE collection originates in the rapid art quest of 1960th years. Screw is the central element of an ornament of LOVE Collection. Certainly it’s only art similarity, not the real screw. All pieces of this jewelry collection are made of platinum, white, yellow and pink gold, white brilliants, pink sapphires and onyx. Read More »

Fall in love with rose gold jewelry this Valentine’s Day

Los Angeles jewelry designer London Manori argues that the hottest jewelry trend of this Valentine’s Day will be rose gold and rose gold vermeil jewelry. Vermeil is a combination of sterling silver, gold, and other precious metals. The look and the price of rose gold jewelry are right. Rose gold become popular with the creation of the Cartier Trinity ring (made of three intertwining bands of rose, white and yellow gold). Jewelry made of rose gold is full of romantic softness.

London Manori 14k rose gold ring with white onyx & diamond

London Manori rose gold ring

London Manori has created a gorgeous line of vermeil and solid rose gold jewelry. Let’s look at it now. Read More »