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Sterling Silver Artisan Jewelry – Stacking Rings from Lavender Cottage

If you want to have a stylish and charming ring you should pay attention to the collection of the Stacking rings by Lavender Cottage shop. Each item is handcrafted with loving care. These are the rings that last the lifetime. Cheryl Van Dyck, the designer uses only one of a kind stones that bring a special hue to the items, so you shouldn’t hesitate about the uniqueness of your ring. If you want to suggest your own idea of design you are welcome.

Stacking Rings Sterling Silver with Malachite

Lavender Cottage offers a range of bright and elegant accessories that will be suitable for each woman. The rings are romantic and noble, cute and simple. The designer uses different materials among which are sterling silver, golden brass etc. Enjoy the stacking charm. Read More »

Sterling silver rings from Kit Heath presented in autumn 2010

In the autumn of 2010 Kit Heath has presented a new collection of rings. Stunning sterling silver rings show art skill and graceful beauty. Among these rings everyone will find a gift both for himself and for darling. Knowingly Kit Heath is considered one of the most recognized sterling silver jewellery brands in the UK.

Sterling silver rings from Kit Heath presented in autumn 2010

Sterling silver rings from Kit Heath

Let’s look at luxurious rings from sterling silver and semi-precious stones with a magnificent facet. Read More »