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Agate jewelry.

Eco Bracelets Handcrafted by Artisan from Aelios Design

Simple, elegant and stylish. This is how the jewelry line from Aeliosdesign can be described. These are accessories for modern unique people with the strong sense of liberty. Original item are unique being handcrafted from the finest natural materials (among which are various metals, wood and leather), semi-precious stones using eco-friendly methods.

Aeliosdesign is the brand located in Chania, Crete, Greece. The designer waits for all custom orders, so you can choose any metal, size or color that you prefer. This is really very interesting collection rather suitable for the autumn. Warm and soft palette used in the Aeliosdesign creations brings calmness and conciliation. Read More »

Balanced Mosaic of Colors, Textures and Shapes – Jewelry by Pamela Huizenga

Pamela Huizenga is the jewelry designer who found her inspiration in designing her own accessory line. She tries to find the balance in her creations, this is the balance of colours, textures and shapes, the designer doesn’t hide the imperfection of the stones which she adores mentioning that this feature gives the stones their special personality and makes them individual just like us.

Rose Cut Diamonds in 18k gold

Pamela Huizenga works with the nature using colorful and bright gemstones and giving a lot of energy and love to each item. She focuses on the color and shape of each gem, allowing it to guide her hands and imagination. Her jewellery is the wonderful and luscious mosaic bringing the joy and good mood. Read More »

Unique handmade Jewelry from Earthly Icons

We want to present to you attention the striking Lapidary Art by Mark L. Milanich by EarthlyIcons. You will not leave it without attention due to the rich palette of colors playing in the gemstones used. Creative, modern and stylish the jewels included in the collection look very elegant. Simple shapes are completed by the fanciful design and high quality of production.

Pietersite, Citrine and Sapphire

Each of the items is carefully handcrafted and is unique. The brightest gemstones which are probably one of the biggest designer’s love are collected personally from the shores of Lake Michigan. Sophisticated gems look very harmonious and make you closer to the nature. Enjoy the visual form giving and expressiveness in the Lapidary Art. Read More »

Jewelry by Janis Kerman – Balance, not symmetry

It’s the balance, not the symmetry. Such motto expresses the philosophy of Janis Kerman jewelry house. Her accessories are the new mix of the geometric shapes and organic forms. The jewels are crafted from sterling silver, 18K yellow gold and the variety of precious and semiprecious stones among which are pearls, amethysts, aquamarines and many others. They strike with the fresh ideas, sophisticated lines and bright colors.

Janis Kerman, the gifted designer, who found her direction in experimenting with various metals and techniques, catch inspiration in everything she meets both artistic and common, as well as in color and texture. Her adornments seem to breathe with a special kind of energy. The magic of the colors playing in the stones is simply fantastic. Have a look. Read More »

Jewelry Pieces Inspired With the Beauty of Stones and Pearl by YSL

Sometimes the designer’s imagination doesn’t have any limits. Yves Saint Laurent, a brand famous all over the world for its breathtaking designs, always surprises the connoisseurs. The peculiarity of jewelry collection by YSL is the unusual usage of semi precious stones and pearls. Each item, either necklace or earrings and ring, is made of silver- or gold-tone metal and the gem or the combination of stones.

Medium cuff in aventurine and agate with gold-tone metal

A wide range of stones used in these masterpieces are known not only for its beauty but also for their special qualities. Agate, amethyst, tiger-eye or jasper can express the character of its owner and the definite mood. Finished in perfect proportions and with the certain idea the jewels look very stylish and contemporary. Of course such pieces of jewels single out a modern woman who follows her senses and captivates others with her assurance and elegance. Read More »

Sterling silver rings from Kit Heath presented in autumn 2010

In the autumn of 2010 Kit Heath has presented a new collection of rings. Stunning sterling silver rings show art skill and graceful beauty. Among these rings everyone will find a gift both for himself and for darling. Knowingly Kit Heath is considered one of the most recognized sterling silver jewellery brands in the UK.

Sterling silver rings from Kit Heath presented in autumn 2010

Sterling silver rings from Kit Heath

Let’s look at luxurious rings from sterling silver and semi-precious stones with a magnificent facet. Read More »