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Sapphire jewelry.

Perfection of Jewelry Art – The Animal World by Chopard

We have already reviewed several jewelry collections by Chopard. And now it is high time to find yourself in the wonderful world of beautiful, charming and dream like animals with the help of Animal World by this brand. Faithful to the conception of brightness and vividness Chopard presented the jewels striking by its elegance and chic.

Perfection of Jewelry Art

This new world was dreamed by the designers to celebrate Chopard’s 150 years. A bit childish these gems breathe with happiness and cheerful mood. The wonderful and lively jungles consist of a great variety of animals including rather unusual. The materials are also unexpected, among them are quartz, kunzites, red gold, titanium etc. The exceptional beauty, rare stones, amazing combination of the colors and high quality are that what impress in the Animal World. Read More »

Iconic Jewelry: Perfect Masterpieces from Panthère de Cartier

The Cartier jewelry house is famous for its noble and amazing creations which allure by their mysterious beauty, top quality, subtle power of the stones used and precious materials, and of course the fantastic inspiration of the masters. The collection Panthere de Cartier rivets the eyes and simply can’t leave anyone indifferent. The gems included in it are gorgeous and fabulous.

Panthere brooch, platinum, diamonds, emeralds, onyx by Cartier

Crafted from white and yellow gold with different luscious stones they were inspired by the artist and goldsmith, a woman who was the muse for the master of Cartier house. Her silhouette was like the panther’s one. So this charming collection is a symbol of admiration because of the enigmatic power, indomitable predator and seductive temptation. The dangerous beauty of the Panthere de Cartier hypnotizes! Read More »

Divine Collection of Masterpieces – Bals De Legende

We have recently reviewed the admiring collections of the engagement and wedding rings by Van Cleef & Arpels. And now it is high time to admire something another but not less beautiful and amazing. Bals De Legende is the collection of jewels which rivets the eyes, catches the breath and is engraved on the memory. For a century, Van Cleef & Arpels has been fusing inspiration.

Van Cleef & Arpels, Bals de Légende, Le Bal Black and White, Black and White coloured earrings

The collection made of precious metals and richly decorated with the diamonds perfectly expresses tenderness and passion. Bright and luscious it is really breathtaking. Modern yet whimsical the adornments included into the Bals De Legende extraordinary mix the past with the present. The gems possess a high quality and excellect craftsmanship. The designers from Van Cleef & Arpels managed to make age-old motifs suitable for the modern world. The jewels are mysterious, charming and intricate. Excellent! Read More »

Contemporary Masterpieces from Philippe Cramer

Philippe Cramer, a Swiss based talented designer, creates the accessories for home as well as the jewelry which delights by its originality and unusual ideas. All items by Philippe Cramer features contemporary design having some special zests. The adornments are carefully handcrafted (the metal is worked by hand over the period of several hours) and all are unique and one of a kind. Made of silver with different expressive precious stones they can be called really imposing.

Amethyste Flower - ring in gold, amethyst and diamonds by Philippe Cramer

Being bored of ordinary accessories Philippe Cramer uses his fantasy trying to make bright, bold and memorable items. Sarine gems or Medusa ring will look elegant and fanciful, while Bulldog will certainly bring lots of fun. And Flower ring will be rather suitable for young romantic ladies. Luxury, harmony and simplicity are the components of Cramer’s art. He tries to delete all boundaries in it due to the modern technologies and his ideas. Read More »

Exciting and Innovative Necklaces by William Ehrlich

Our hobbies and interests often influence our work and they also make constructive people create their masterpieces. William Ehrlich being keen in architecture and painting created wonderful and impressive collection of jewelry which became the attempt to delete the boundaries between the arts. The real collector of contemporary art and various decorative arts movements Mr. Ehrlich tried to combine them into his adornments.

Tulip Pendant

The main material of the collection is the German silver, in some items it is plated with black rhodium, giving the jewelry a dark noble finish. The designer skillfully sets his masterpieces with precious or semi-precious stones which perfectly complete the image. The technology of creating is very interesting beginning with the drawing by hand and following by the cutting with the help of the special computer program. No two pieces are exactly alike and custom variations are possible. Read More »

Comete: Supernatural Jewelry by Chanel

Luxury. In my view this is the most exact definition to the Comete collection by Chanel. We have already reviewed the gorgeous COCO collection by this world famous fashion house. And now the designers inspired by the beauty of the sparkling stars and miraculous constellations created this chic Comete collection which is intended to cover women with stars.

Comète Necklace in 18K white gold and diamonds

Chanel jewelry is crafted in the greatest tradition of French jewelry. Each piece of this wonderful collection is filled with purity, exceptional elegance and tenderness. Rings are crafted from platinum and 18K white gold. Some models are richly decorated with sapphire. These jewels will surely make any woman a queen. Diamonds are timeless, so is Chanel… Read More »

Flawless Jewelry from the Fruits collection by de Grisogono

Summer is high time for freshness, brightness and new bold ideas. It is also the time for different fruits. What can be better than to make them not only tasty but also beautiful decorative gems? Grisogono known as the world famous jewelry brand for its creative and expressive concepts and unusual usage of different precious stones presented its appetizing and sparkling Fruit collection finished with several sorts of gold and wide range of stones among which are for example rubies, emeralds, diamonds, amethysts etc.

Apple earrings from Fruits collection by de Grisogono

The jewel craftsmen which can be named among the best-qualified in the world create items perfect in proportions and dimensions expressing the imposing ideas. Be sure such seductive adornments will not leave anyone indifferent, no matter what fruit you will choose. Fruit gems attract attention and present cheerful, light and playful mood. Read More »

Astonishing Fine Jewelry From Kara Ross

Kara Ross, a professional gemologist and talented designer, is passionate about different precious stones and their combinations from her childhood. Famous for creative use of gems and skins this designer creates the unique and exclusive adornments which impress by the play of colors and lights. Kara’s favourite materials are maple wood, gold, sterling silver, coral and a wide range of stones among which are amethyst, emerald, diamonds and so on.

Raw Love – Cobalt calcite heart pendant with 18K gold and diamond accent from Kara Ross

All jewels are handcraftedcrafted and are of high quality with the attention to the details. They look very curious and unusual. Such gems are not what you used to see and this fact is the great advantage. Bold ideas are expressed in each item, in the interesting color combinations and intricate lines. Read More »

Ancient Pattern Rings from Landscape Series by Ross Coppelman

Experience the beauty and the power of the earth surface with Landscape jewelry collection by Ross Coppelman. The master of the jeweler’s art makes his adornments of the high-heat fusion of platinum dust and 22k gold. Looking rather noble and unusual at the same time Landscape earrings and necklaces are the result of the fantasy and skills. The designer pays attention to every detail in creating the inspiring and fanciful jewels.

Landscape Ring in 14k White Gold with Diamond 0.14 ctw and Blue Sapphire 1.3 ct by Ross Coppelman

Incredible design and exquisite craftsmanship express the fluid abstract patterns of the ground. These jewelry pieces not only help to feel the strength of the Earth but also the grandeur of the past times. They simply breathe antiquity. Very interesting and stylish solution! Read More »

Sophisticated Jewelry from Eastern Star Collection

Amanda Brighton, a London based jewelry designer, stands out among others for her great fantasy. In her early years she was in India and Thailand that certainly influenced her inner world. She is undoubtedly passionate for unusual exotic ideas. Bright, cute and fanciful… This is how the jewels from the collection with the poetic name Eastern Star can be described.

Eastern Star Earrings set with black opals and pale pink sapphires in 18k gold

Amanda Brighton tries to combine Western modern lifestyle with the traditions and exoticism of the East. I guess Eastern star is considered a good example to illustrate this. All items have the flower concept bringing the cheerful and fine mood. Inspiring design collects gentle elegance with the sense of color. Such playful jewelry will be a perfect and stylish accessory to a young and romantic lady. Read More »